Blood Type Diet -Part 1

The Blood Type Diet is a Fad diet by a man who claims to be a doctor, Peter D'Adamo

The Blood Type Diet is a Fad diet by a man who claims to be a doctor, Peter D’Adamo

Fad Diets

The biggest problem I have with fad diets is people think they should do one fad diet or the other.  That you either eat a South Beach Diet, or a Blood Type Diet, or a Paleo Diet, etc.  The other problem I have is people think the only diets are weight loss diets.  That’s because most people are overweight and undereducated about nutrition.  There are many diets written for muscle building, fat loss, muscle building and fat loss, etc. Furthermore many diets can be combined. The Zone Diet is about the ratio of Protein:Fat:Carbs. Carb Backloading is about when you have your carbs.  Where a Blood Type diet is about what foods you eat. They are legs of a table and if you only do one leg; macros, timing, food choices, the table will suck. You need to master all 3 major factors to have a good diet to force the body to obey your will. Only one fad diet will fail, you need to use at least 2 or 3 at the same time.


Just think of it this way:

What food do I eat? – Food choice or Menu diet

examples: Paleo, Vegetarian, Balanced diets, Alkaline Diet

When do I eat it? – Timing diet

Example: Carb Backloading Diet, Intermittent Fasting

How much do I eat? – Macros diet

Examples: Ketogenic diet, Zone Diet, HCG Diet

Please keep in mind Arnold Schwarzenegger had figured all this stuff out in the late ‘60s and almost all fad diets are slivers of his methodology as if his diet was torn apart and pieces were sold as original ideas (Carb back loading is actually an original idea).  Once again all 3 factors have to be correct to change the body, so a Paleo, Carb Back Loaded, Zone diet is a great approach for a man who wants to build muscle but not acquire additional body fat or even lose some fat. A Vegetarian, Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic diet is great for an obese woman with cardiovascular comorbidities who needs to lose fat for health reasons.

Are you a morbidly obese woman? No? Then don’t eat an intermittent diet.

Do you want to live a really long time but don’t really care what you look like? Then eat Vegetarian.

After 22 years of counting grams on food labels and reading new fads and the theories behind them I can’t grasp how this basic concept has not been considered by the mainstream media and medical community.


Why Is This Not Common Knowledge?

Most people know more about how their cars and computers work than their bodies, and what’s worse, they take better care of their cars and computers than their bodies.  They know what oil and gasoline to put in their car but not what food to put in their body.  Eating the way your parents taught you your whole life then going to a pill pusher and surgeon to “fix you” is like driving your car into a brick wall every week and putting coca-cola in the gas tank for 20 years, then taking it to a mechanic to “fix it”.  Only unlike a car, you can’t just get a new body.  Your stuck with the consequences of your actions, stretch marks and all.


The Blood Type Diet

The Blood type Diet is a Food choice category fad diet. But it is clever, it doesn’t actually work like a normal food choice fad diet, it is only a new first step in CHOOSING the appropriate fad diet for you!  Your Blood Type determines WHICH fad diet you use:

Type O = You eat a Paleo style diet

Type A = You eat a Vegetarian diet

Type B = You eat a Balanced diet

Type AB = a bit of both A and B.

For someone who knows nothing about diets, when they read the diet it seems like an original idea.  They think they are in on a “secret” Like finding out their dad is the person in the santa clause costume, and then incorrectly assuming their dad IS Santa Claus not that of course, (spoiler alert!) Santa Claus isn’t real.

In less cynical words, this Naturopath, D’Adamo came up with an idea and markets other peoples diets as original ideas, then adds his own twists.

Continued In Part 2


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