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Bodybuilding can be a complicated sport with elements of art and science mixed in. I will on occasion share what I’m doing so that people can have a glimpse of the daily process of competition prep or off season. Often people get lost in the minutiae of grams of this and ounces of that and they miss the very real and important things of what to do when you can’t sleep and how to put your shoes on when you faint tying your shoelaces in the offseason. This Blog is for that, the incidentals and human elements that REALLY make bodybuilding the hardest sport in the world. It’s a 24/7 job and I would never give it up!

Doctor Todd Lee's Blog

Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog 6/12/2015: 15 Minutes Of Fame

167.7 lbs saturday And got my bodyfat tested that morning at 9.4% This means I’m down weight from the last time, 2 weeks ago. That was 1 week before the show and I was 10.4%. I lost 1% body fat despite eating like crap all week, thats how fast my metabolism picked up! It’s a […]


Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog: Tore My Calf Like A Boss!

  By Todd Lee M.D. “arrogant narcissistic prick” and self proclaimed demi god 167.7 It’s been a few days since my last blog and surprisingly I didn’t do too much damage to my reputation with my honesty in my most recent blog post. Since I said nothing but true things and didn’t name names no […]


Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog: The Biggest Mr. Michigan Ever

I know I didn’t really give you guys a blow by blow leading up to the show this time. There is a reason for that. What you’re about to read is long and not all happy, some of this may make you sick to your stomach. The worst part is this is the easiest prep […]


Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog: 9 Days Out From Mr. Michigan!

Weight today 170! I had a clean high carb day yesterday and I woke up looking and feeling AMAZING! I’m 9 days out from the NPC Michigan State Championship (click the link for directions and times), which used to be called “Mr. Michigan” Since I was a little kid I thought of Mr. Michigan to be […]


Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog 5/15/2015

170 this AM     Waist was 28.75 at the oblique level with the tape measure pulled super tight through the squish around my midsection. Arm was measuring 16.0 inches with a tricep pump yesterday, but no bicep pump.  Not ideal… Now I have been doing things different since I started getting many minor injuries. after the […]


Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog 5/1/2015

174.8 5 weeks out from Michigan state championship I’m pretty damn full, and not that lean. I was leaner in Vegas and went a little to wet trying to fill up before the final descent, so that I could fill back up slow for a week before the show. This time I wasn’t going to […]


Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog : T4R Concluded

  Im 174 this am and im just getting harder. Waist is still 29.0 inches and burgeoning on 28.75. Mind and Muscle is sponsoring the Jay Cutler Desert Classic this weekend and Kelsey and I are flying out tomorrow for Vegas for the event! If your in vegas this weekend  hunt us down at teh […]


Todd Lee’s Blog: T4R – Thor Chest

174 This AM! March 26th 2015 11 weeks out from NPC Michigan State Championship (Mr. Michigan)! I bottomed out at 172 and came back up to 174, so I’m about at my isocaloric point. had about 3950 calories yesterday and I’m intending on going a little higher today. I had about 275 g protein and about […]

Thor Arms

Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog: Thor Arms

Weight this am 171.2 Weight saturday 180.6 That’s 9 lbs of weight loss in 96 Hours, I obviously need a mid week cheat meal or day lol. I switched to diet mode this week but still have had about one cheat meal per day. Last night I had no cheat meal. I began re using […]

Thor Legs

Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog: Thor Legs

179.1 This AM Well, clearly im not coming down in weight lol. NOW my body chooses to grow, how bizarre! None the less I’m going to keep over feeding myself and turn the food as clean as possible. I need to increase my vitamin intake to 3 times a day so I’m hungry enough to […]

Loki Week

Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog: Loki Week Continues!

178.9 lbs I had to binge for a few days to get my weight up. As usual I did arms and legs on the weekend so I can eat as much as possible all day, not save my carbs for late at night like on the weekdays. I’m starting my cut today and I am […]

bodybuilder training with dumbbells

Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog: T4R Odds And Ends

By Todd Lee M.D. This was a confusing week. I have been 177 all week but i’m looking way leaner. Strength is up and so is aggression. This T4R is really working! this week I had to finish all the workouts i missed from Freya and Fenris week. Loki Legs This was done on Tuesday […]

Unchain yourself!!

Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog: Fenris Week Upper Body

Fenris Week Upper Body and Arnold Sports Festival Extravaganza!!! 177 lbs this AM I just got back from the Arnold Sports Festival last night. This year it was busier than last year. I say that every year but this was particularly bad. In an attempt to curtail the excessive people, there were far far less […]


Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog 3/3/2015 Fenris Week Legs

Fenris Week: Legs Fenris week is week 3 of the T4R training system.  Training for Ragnarok (T4R) is designed to be 4 weeks all to difficult to ever be repeated, but in sequence trics your body into thinking its getting enough rest. Weight 176 But looking bigger and leaner. Arms are at Right 16.0 this […]


Dr. Todd Lee’s Blog 3/2/2015 Freya Week Chest, Delts, And Back

177 lbs today Second week of coasting and it’s turning to fat so I need to clean my diet up. I have been having the same basic diet: 6:30 wake up 7 get out of bed 7:30 Rise and swell + 1 scoop Wyked 2.1 8:30-9 (78 g protein, 5 g carb, 20 g fat) A […]

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