Herbal Ergogenics: Bitter Melon

strong guy curlingBitter Melon (Momordica charantia) is a fruiting vine growing in tropical climates. The fruit of the Bitter Melon plant has been used for many years in traditional medicine for a wide variety of purposes. The main uses of bitter melon in traditional medicine are to treat diabetes, to stimulate digestion and treat gastrointestinal problems, and to treat various skin problems.

Current research supports the use of Bitter Melon for diabetes. Bitter Melon has been shown to have effects mimicking those of insulin, and also to increase insulin sensitivity. These effects of Bitter Melon make it of benefit not only to diabetics and those with high blood glucose levels, but also to anyone that is looking to improve body composition or improve athletic performance. Using Bitter Melon before a carbohydrate containing meal should decrease the storage of carbohydrates as fat and increase the storage of carbohydrates as glycogen in the liver and skeletal muscle. This should lead to fuller muscles and improved performance along with less body fat accumulated when carbohydrate intake is high. Not only can Bitter Melon aid in the partitioning of carbohydrates, but it has actually been shown to stimulate lipolysis (fat breakdown) and inhibit lipogenesis (fat deposition) in humans, possibly by the regulation of certain genes associated with body fat storage as seen in rats. In addition to its effects on carbohydrate metabolism and body composition, Bitter Melon has also been shown to lower liver triglycerides.

Bitter Melon is generally safe and side effect free. However, taking too large of a dose or using Bitter Melon on a low carbohydrate diet could lead to hypoglycemia. Some users also report gastrointestinal discomfort with the use of Bitter Melon. Bitter Melon is included in many nutrient partitioning and blood glucose control supplements, and it may also be purchased on its own in capsules or as a powder.


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