Biohacking Introduction - Mind And Muscle

We all want girls What is biohacking?

Biohacking is the term we use here for getting the most out of your body. We hack our eletronics all the time. People jailbreak iPhones, root Android and overclock their CPU’s. Hacking eletronics is as old as the electronics business. What if you could hack your mind and muscle the same way you can hack your computer? Overclock your mind, increase muscle performance and perform sexually at a level that only porn stars can achieve. That is our goal and we have started a community that will hopefully help you reach your goals faster than ever before. We do insist that you be over 18 and prefferably over 21 so you are an adult and know your body.

Also, you need to realize that biohacking is at your own risk. While we don’t ever expect anything that we sell or promote will be dangerous, we do know that anything can be dangerous when used improperly. Don’t over do things and be safe, but we hope you reach your goals. Also, nothing will happen without proper diet and exercise, so keep that in mind, biohacking is not just about pills, it’s about maximizing your hard work with some help, but don’t forget it’s hard work!

Forget what people tell you…shortcuts are for winners!

Winners take short cuts. Why slave in the gym for 10 years to make little progress? Why study for 10 hour days when you can hack your brain to do the same job in 4 hours? Everyone takes shortcuts, and to be honest the modern world is more competitive than ever before. If you are not taking shortcuts, you can bet your competition is… It doesn’t matter if that competition is for girls, money or a bodybuilding competition. Everyone is taking a short cut. What are good genetics anyway…isn’t it just natures shortcut to success?

Who says shortcuts aren’t fair?

What is fair about a person who was born 6’11” playing basketball? How about guys who have a perfect physique and spend very little time in the gym? I once knew a guy that would walk around at 260lb of solid ripped muscle, 5% body fat and would eat Burger King, Hostess treats and chips all day long. What the hell is fair about that?

You can “Hack” your body and to do that you need information!

Why is the site called mind and muscle? Because this site is about hacking your body with the best legal compounds out there. If you live in the United States, you probably don’t want to break the law, but you do want to push your body to the utmost and overcome your limitations. Don’t you want to be as good as the kid who was born smart or the high school football player that all the girls love?

We expect a few things from you though. First, you will need to be over 18 and preferably over 21 before you start any diet and exercise program or use any supplements. While we don’t condone the use of drugs, we do hope you will be under the supervision of a doctor for all of your drug use, should you choose to go down that path.

The information on the site is for your enjoyment only and is not considered medical advise, thus you use any diet and supplement program at your own risk, should you choose to “hack” your body.

Biohack your muscles…

We theorize that you can hack your muscles and change your body type forever. Supplements help you do that and in fact there are some really amazing preliminary studies that show things like creatine, BCAA’s, growth hormone potentiators and prohormones can change the amount of muscle you carry for life! That means over time your body can change and carry more muscle for the rest of your life. It worked for me and I know it can work for you too!

Also, we are always learning about the best way to work out to achieve your goals. Physiology is always discovering the most effective way to work out to reach your goal, whether that is making size gains, losing fat or gaining strength. We want you to discuss the latest research with your fellow biohackers on the forum.

Biohack your brain…

Smart drugs and supplements are a genetic equalizer. While we don’t sell drugs on this site, we don’t withhold this information because we feel that, as an adult you should be able to take anything that you want to look and feel your best and maximize your income. The good news is that supplements can mimic the effects of many of the “smart drugs” that are not legal to sell in the US market.

Biohack your sex life…

Every guy wants a bigger, and fuller penis. He also is now compared to porn where the men on screen can go for hours and shoot massive loads. With such a high bar set, women expect each man to perform like a porn star and have a huge cock. Also, you may have a low sex drive or even a partner with a low sex drive, you can try and biohack that too. Everything is on the table here for discussion.

Biohacking 101

You can use supplements to biohack your mind and muscle, hence the name of the site. You need to check out our biohacking 101 pages for the mind and biohacking 101 pages for the muscle there is a lot of good preliminary data in pubmed and other repositories that give us clues. While biohacking the penis is expirimental we can at least achieve some of the effects seen in porn with supplements.

Biohacking the mind – discussion forum

Biohacking muscle – discussion forum

Biohacking sex – discussion forum

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