Bio Hacking: Bio Hack Your Way To Awesome

We live in exciting and novel times where we have made substantial advances in understanding, testing and managing our own biology. Nowadays, many of the leading minds of medical science and technology believe that the very first immortal human has already been born. Yes. You heard me right…immortal. In 2013, when you can get your personal Genetic make-up sequence analyzed for $100, it’s not unrealistic to say that you can have complete control over your own biology.

What is Bio Hacking? 

We like Dave Asprey’s definition; Biohacking:

(v) To use systems thinking, science, biology, and self-experimentation to take control of and upgrade your body, your mind, and your life.
(n) The art and science of becoming superhuman.

“Bio hacking” is the term used for the art of hacking biology; using nature’s built-in mechanisms. Nature is full of intricate mechanisms. With the aid of sophisticated technology, it is possible to use these methods for our own benefits, by many means including modifying the genetic code of organisms or even fooling organisms to do something in ways that could benefit all of us.

Hack your age:  Don’t settle for being “old” and declining with age. You can hack you feel and how your body performs as you age. There are ways to maintain feeling young as we age including balancing and optimizing hormone levels, changing your gene expression, and using supplements to give your body unnatural advantage in the aging game.

Hack your thoughts:  We always say that the only limits a person has are the ones that exist in their minds. Desire, emotions, cognition, memory and even the way you think are all areas that can be hacked. Thinking a new way can change your life profoundly.

Hack you brain:  The brain is the most wonderful and complicated part of the human body composed of many pieces playing together in one amazing neuro symphony. This means that there are many different areas that can be hacked and improved upon to get more desirable results in your life, training, work, relationships, etc. The use of smart drugs and nootropic supplements can enhance your performance and give you an edge that will amaze those around you.  At a more basic level, your overall health can dramatically impact your cognitive functions.  Hacking your brain’s chemistry through advancements in neuroscience and nootropic supplementations can radically change your life.

Hack your diet:  More than ever science has revealed that our diet is key above all things in health, wellbeing and performance. Eating to perform is fact. Diet directly effects energy, mood hormone levels, and much more.  If you want elite performance you need an elite diet. You need to hack your food. For example, studies have shown how deficient gut health is connected to countless diseases, depression, and bio chemical and hormone levels.

What/Who are biohackers?

Bio hacking is powerful as the efforts, time or money spent will always yield useful results. A biohacker can also turn into a Transhumanist who has the lofty aspiration of living indefinitely (yes you read that right). While biohackers consider the big mind-body picture and many tend to be holistic health practitioners, there is certainly a focus on cognitive health, balancing Neurotransmitters, promoting Neuroplasticity, strengthening a highly productive mindset and techniques that are going to produce results quickly.

Biohackers generally have some common goals:

  1. Personal measurement and experimentation beyond what ‘feels good’.
  2. Elimination of stress.
  3. Decreasing the quantity of sleep whilst increasing the quality.
  4. Avoidance of cancer as well as age related cognitive decline.
  5. Improving recall, accuracy, long and short term memory along with the understanding process.
  6. Boosting Dopamine and Serotonin, the ‘feel good’ Nuerotransmitters, sustainably.
  7. Boosting the productive energy and the ability to focus.
  8. Obtaining elite fitness levels with the least amount of work necessary.

The Benefits of Bio Hacking

The culture of bio hacking can vastly upgrade your wetware to develop faster than ever, to transform traditional medicine to personalized medication, to having your own personalized stem cells bank in your deep freeze and to cellular engineered internal organs made with 3D organ printing where you could replace ink with cells. Bio hacking culture has brought in new talent by its most critical attribute of openness, which promises benign improvements and exponential growth in technologies, just as digital hacking raised digital technology to the levels. Mind and Muscle is one the top resources for learning how to hack your life. Now get busy hacking your way to a whole new level of awesome!

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