Bikini Competitor or "Fitchick" - Mind And Muscle

These two are related, but not the same… Physique competitions are up and coming, Especially the bikini division keeps growing and growing. I think it’s amazing and I truly love that the popularity of “my” sport is increasing. But: It’s extremely crucial to understand what you are getting yourself into before making the decision to prep for a show.


If you want to be fit, want to be healthy, tone your body, grow muscles, change your lifestyle, do it. Your end goal does not need to be to step on stage in 5 inch heels in a spray tan. If you decide to compete, do it for you… Not because your friends do it, or you follow a girl on Instagram that competes.


In off-season, bikini girls don’t look any different than any other girl that works out. We don’t life different, just like many others, we workout almost every day, eat clean and try to build muscle. The only difference may be that we still keep track of our body weight and body composition while focusing on improvements in specific areas. After a show, we look back to our body and look at areas that need to come in more muscular and then build our workout routine according to those goals.


Prepping for a show is hard. In order to achieve that stage look, you will be dieting for about 12 weeks. Yes, we diet all year round, but, this is where it gets tough and you have to stick to the plan 100%… Dieting means less food and more cardio to get rid of excess body fat. There is very different approaches to dieting: Carb cycling, ketogenic diet, sodium or water fluctuations. Everything affects your prep, even sleep. This all is very individual so find a coach and discuss that matter with him/her.


Money plays a role as well. If you decide to compete understand all the money that it costs… Suit, heels, jewelry, NPC card, sign up fees, hotel, make up, hair, nails, supplements, food…. It’s a lot. Eventually you may get picked up by a sponsor or get percentages etc. but, at the start, it’s all you. If you work smart with your social media and produce cool content, you don’t need to compete to get sponsored either. It’s all about how you promote yourself.


If you decide to compete: Timing will never be perfect. One of the things I preach is that there’s never a perfect time to do anything. You just have to make time for it. But, it is very time consuming! The closer to a show you get, the more time will be spent at the gym.


In order to achieve your physique goals you do NOT need to compete. You can still be a part of a team or hire a coach… Do what’s right for you. Interested in joining my team? Contact me via DM or email [email protected]


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