Bikini Competition Prep

BIKINI competition prep

In 2009 the NPC introduced the bikini division and with this decision single handedly saved the sport of bodybuilding. Now bikini competition prep is a huge source of revenue for personal trainers across the country.

What is a Bikini Competition?

Bodybuilding as a sport began to lose popularity in the 80’s with the baseball/steroid witch hunt. And became less popular when the female bodybuilders looked like they were using male hormones to build muscle, but in the process, masculinizing their features.

To save the failing image of the sport, the National Physique Committee (NPC) introduced Bikini Division. In this division the goal was to have a classic beach body, not dramatic visible muscle. Women are ranked against each other based on poise and grace, femininity, with a dramatic often inhumanly perfect hourglass shape with a toned but not ripped, hard, striated, or chiseled body.

Why is a Man Writing This?

In 2009 the bikini division was introduced. By spring of 2010 I had my first ‘client’ winning the overall at her first show. While I was preparing for my first attempt at the title “Mr. North America” by attempting to win the IFBB North American, I was helping my buddy’s girl out with her diet for her first bikini competition. She ended up winning first place and the overall at not just her first, but her second show as well! She did the North American with me that year and She did quite well. I myself got 4th place that year in my class. By september 2010 I was sponsored, on a magazine cover, and had completed testing to be an NPC Judge.

I was planning on getting back into medicine at the time but I soon fell inlove of the new growing field of competition prep coaching. I knew exactly what the grading criteria was for each of the divisions: Bodybuilding, figure and bikini. That coupled with my command of nutrition and training had me in a good place to start using competition prep as a form of income. I made a living at competition prep and specializing in bikini for about 4 years. Over that time period my team, Operation Ragnarok, racked up quite a few first place wins and overalls, especially in natural male bodybuilding and in bikini divisions.

What is Involved in Bikini Competition Prep?

Bikini prep is not the same as bodybuilding prep. All to many girls have been messed up by their bodybuilder boyfriends who don’t know how to train for a feminine physique or how a woman’s hormones are different. For this reason ladies, even if your boyfriend is a great bodybuilder, he may not be a good prep coach. If nothing else it’s hard on the relationship.

That being said I will tell you the basics and general do’s and dont’s:


Back when this sport started the figure competitors were trying to write the bikini girls diets. These were usually bastardizations of what i think was a Mike Davies diet that was grape fruit, tilapia, and asparagus with some oil and cayenne pepper. Or they ripped off some bullshit from a Beverly International magazine and sold it to a person as if it was a customized meal plan for just them. This is great for figure; it dries you out and destroys all your estrogen levels so there is no water or fat under the skin which  is perfect for showing striated muscle, but not for creating a healthy feminine look. This often causes the woman’s breasts to flatten out and her butt to have wrinkles as it deflates from the lack of nutrients holding the skin up. AKA Wrinkled Pancake Butt syndrome (WPB).

Since in bikini the goal is to look feminine and attractive a more healthy diet is a better option. There is no reason to bulk in bikini and thus no offseason. One of the great things about bikini is you can stay lean and healthy and beautiful all year round, you don’t have to gain 40 lbs like a bodybuilder and strip it off for every competition season. For this reason I keep a bikini competitor working with me at no more than 10 lbs over their stage weight if at all possible. Then for 12 weeks before the show I just add in cardio and fat burners and leave their food alone or increase their food. Never using super low carbs unless they are behind.

That being said most bikini competitors like to drink alcohol and eat junk food and do rebound hard. Then they say it’s their thyroid. They binge eat because they are often peer pressured by other women which are jealous haters pretending to be friends. The worst “Frenemy’s” are usually the family; sisters, mothers, and daughters say catty bullshit like “you’re too thin” or “you look like a man” because they are feeling inadequate in the presence of a superior.

The best cut diet is don’t get fat in the first place:) In bikini one can stay perfect all year round, so do that! Then you don’t need to diet or do cardio much and you can enjoy your prep like I do!

Posing and Presentation

Posing is one of the easiest parts of bikini because it is only 2 poses; front and back. The girls act like they are learning advanced ariel kung fu for the amount of whining they do about how hard it is to walk in heels and turn in a circle, but when you make them learn bodybuilding poses as punishment for whining they shut up real quick. You dont know the meaning of suffering unless you’ve been drilled through bodybuilding posing routines!

Girls are graded on walking gracefully in heels, facial expressions bespeaking confidence and elegance, with suit, hair, nails, and makeup which compliment their natural skin tone and eye color. It’s really hard to explain with words what makes one woman place higher in a bikini competition than the next, and thus the rules are relatively vague but when you have the women on stage it’s a lot easier to stratify the exceptional form the excellent.

General Ideas are not to stomp your feet, move erratically, wildly, or to move in a confused purposeless fashion. A better approach is to walk out on stage like you’re a goddess and the audience are your idolaters here to worship your every move.

Because you are, and they are;)

For a complete article series on posing and presentation click here!


The training for women is different than for men. Women are looking to have a very dramatic hourglass. This is created by increasing the size of the glutes, the lats, and the del while decreasing the size of the waist. The trick is to keep the traps, arms, and quads from getting larger in the process as well. That is what generally happens if a bodybuilder trains a woman; her everything gets big, not just the muscles which accentuate her femininity.

Every womans physique has to be addressed in a case by case basis. A general routine that all woman should follow does not exist and if your coach has you on “assembly line” training, get a new coach. You’re making Bikini Models not Model-Ts after all!

I think the most important exercises are squatting with a duck stance super, super low and only coming up halfway, the abduction machine, glute kickbacks, lat pullovers, and lateral raises with impeccable form. Mastery of those will give your the hourglass frame, with additional exercises used to bring up certain areas like lower pecs to increase breast size or calves because calves and heels go together like peanut butter and crying.


Many women use the same supplements as men. But many women have mixed ideas about certain ingredients like creatine and what not. I developed the woman’s tone and lean stack to take the thinking out of women’s contest prep for any division. I invented the components and as a biochemist and a medical doctor who did extensive work in OB/GYN I know I am more qualified to make supplements and arrange  protocols than any less educated coach or less athletic chemist.

Many women from strippers to competitors use anavar. Anavar is a very safe anabolic steroid which is perfect for almost everyone and every goal. It isn’t hard on the liver, In fact its FDA approved for TREATING the liver. Women love it because it has no real side effects (at doses 5-10 mg) and helps women lose fat and increase their muscle while improving every aspect of their sex life; from sensitivity to drive they get like teenage boys in a matter of days.

Since its an anabolic steroid its illegal without a prescription. Epi-1-Test is the closest legal prohormone to Anavar. I dont recomend women using male hormones like these, but if a woman was going to do it anyway, i would feel better if it was ½ dose of Epi-1-Test than a full dose a man would use.

For more on women and prohormones click here!


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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