Bikini Competition Checklist - Mind And Muscle

Competition season is upon us. I put together a list for every competitor so that you don’t forget what to do:


  • Register for the Show:

Decide for a show date. Decide on what class (Open is for anyone your height, Novice is for people NOT nationally qualified and True Novice is someone that’s never competed before). Also, check whether or not this show would be a national qualifier or not.


  • Book hotel/organize transportation:

Look up where the show is and decide on whether you need to book a hotel there or are close enough for you to stay at home.


  • Check times and dates:

Make sure you do the check in, are at the show on time and don’t miss any athlete meetings etc.


  • Suit:

Get it fitted personally if possible.


  • Spray tan:

Schedule a spray tan appointment. Usually for the night before the show and the morning of the show day. Also:


  • Scrub/shave:

In order for your spray tan to look the best, start scrubbing a week prior to your first coat appointment. And, I recommend shaving your whole body… even small, baby hair that’s all over your body.


  • Nails:

I personally just get French manicure and pedicure. Looks clean and I don’t like having too long of nails because of lifting.


  • Heels:

Make sure they fit. Make sure you can walk in them and make sure they are not too high (see rules for IFBB or NPC).


  • Posing:

Get yourself a coach and practice every day. Posing is a huge part of your presentation.


  • Jewelry:

Ear rings, two wrist bands/bracelets and your set. Doesn’t need to be anything expensive. Take a look at what other competitors wear and you should be set.


  • Sheets/Towel:

Once you have your spray tan on I suggest you use your own towel and sheets to sleep in at a hotel or you may get charged due to stains.


  • Robe/lose clothing:

After spray tan, wear lose clothing so you don’t get any lines. That can be oversized shirt, sweats and hoody or a bath robe. I also suggest a silky robe for show day over your suit.


  • Flip flops:

You don’t want to mess up the tan on your feet.


  • Umbrella:

In case it rains, make sure you have one on you because spray tan gets affected by water (also, don’t wash hands or put on deodorant or bodyspray or anything like that).


  • Hair/Make Up:

Schedule someone to do it or ask a friend that’s advanced with STAGE make up…. It’s way more dramatic than your normal look.


  • Bring food:

Whatever you are eating before a show, make sure you have enough.


STICK TO THE PLAN AND WIN! Good luck… Enjoy every second of it. The hard work is done…



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