Bigger Calves in 30 Days

Jay-cutler-calvesI am writing this article out of frustration.  For me, calves have been the hardest muscle to grow out of any individual muscle on my frame.   The genetic gods have cursed me.  The only thing that has come out the past fifteen years of calf training has been veins….more and more veins.  My legs are veiny as shit.  But the mass just wouldn’t come.  I have tried everything.   I have tried working them everyday, supersets, once per week, twice per week, heavy weight, light weight, high reps, low reps, seated, standing, sprinting, etc.  All of my frustration and countless hours of calf training have led me to this:  SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!  And it works in only around 15min/day.  Read and follow the workout listed below and you will put on ¼-1” on your calves in 30 days.  If mine can grow, yours can grow too.

First of all, you need to do something that the calves are not used to.  They are a very unique muscle in that we use them all day every day while walking, standing, and driving.  They are used to performing high repetition movements, so lets just throw that idea out the window now.  High reps = bad for calve growth.  The calf raise is a great exercise that really isolates the calf muscle.  We need to incorporate muscle isolation, with time under tension and an unfamiliar movements.

What I have found, under direct recommendation from people that I respect in the sport, is that the calves respond great to heavy weight and constant tension.  We are not giving this motion to the calves all day so they are not used to performing in this way.  Warm up, and lets get going.

Load the standing calf raise machine with heavy weight.

Stand on the balls of your feet in the “tiptoe” position and hold it.

calfraiseAll we are doing is contracting the muscle and holding it until it fails.  THAT’S IT.

Make sure that you are connecting your thoughts with the flexion of the calf muscle.  When your mind starts to wander, bring it back to focusing on contracting the muscle as hard as you can.

Hold that position for as long as you can.  Usually your hips will fail first as they start shaking and wobbling.

When you start shaking, keep holding.  When it burns, keep holding.  This is when you know you are tapping into something that the body hasn’t seen before.  This is when the real work starts.

Perform 4-5 sets of these 4-5xs per week at the end of each workout.  It shouldn’t take but 10-15min at the most.  You can use this idea for seated calf raises as well, although I do not find it as effective.  Try rotating your stance with pointing your toes inward and outward to get both heads of the calf. If you haven’t trained calves in a while, do not start with this.  You will not be able to walk if you train this way with untrained calf muscles.

Train hard and train consistent!  Leave me a comment after you give it a shot and let me know what you think.


Bigger Calves in 30 Days


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