Big Ramy's Pre Olympia Downfall













Big Ramy just turned 29 this month.  The time has come for the young star to face the music.  There is so much hype surrounding Big Ramy it’s ridiculous.  I haven’t seen this much “raving” since the original Matrix came out.  Needless to say, he deserves it.  After sweeping the competition at the New York Pro, his first pro contest, now he’s stepping up with the big boys.  The main thing that is of concern when it comes to Ramy is exactly what makes him spectacular.  He’s young and he’s only been working out a few years.  He has premature muscle, and a lot of it.  Look at the pictures in this article and you can see what I mean.  He has so much mass it is ridiculous.  In fact, he will out mass every single person on the stage this weekend.  But look at the lack of separation and the lack of detail.  Dennis Wolf, Dexter Jackson, and Phil all look like they are hard as granite.  They are peeled to the bone.  This comes with muscle maturity and time.  Well, in Phil’s case, it’s genetic gifts.    Bodybuilding isn’t about who’s biggest, it’s about who has the best lines, conditioning, symmetry, stage presence, and density.  Have you ever tried to wrestle your old man, or maybe fight with him a bit as a kid?  When guys reach around 30+ they’re muscles start to mature and are deceptively strong.  I call this “grown man strength.”  And it’s scary.  Ramy doesn’t have this.  He looks soft in comparison.  I don’t think he’s ready.  I think he will p

lace 4-7 simply because of the political influence in bodybuilding; To “keep us on the hook” if you will.  Ramy has the biggest legs in the game, but he needs separation.  His trainer, Dennis James, has been working on this all year.  See the image comparison below.  On the right are Ramy’s legs recently.  On the left are Ramy’s legs at the NYP.  Dennis is throwing all sorts of crazy techniques Ramy’s way to harden up the Egyptian hulk.  He is having Ramy do extremely slow reps; I’m talking 15-20seconds per rep, designed to increase density and replicate maturity.  Look at Branch Warren and Dennis Wolf if you want to see what dense and mature muscle looks like.  Tomorrow it starts to unfold.  Everyone’s ready, and Dennis James states his muscle project, Ramy, is going to be crowned Mr. O by 2015.  We’ll see Dennis, we’ll see.ramycompare

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