Bicep Training: Turning Your Valley Into A Peak -Part 2

Bicep Training: Turning Your Valley Into A Peak – Part 2 

Loading Patterns And Range Of Motion

brachialis-bicep-peakIn the tricep article I discussed the 3 different positions to work the muscle in its 2 weak positions and its 1 strong position. Stretch, Contracted, and Strength respectively.  

The Bicep is in its fully stretched position when the arm is extended behind you and your elbow is locked.  Locking the elbow can be harmful to the inserting bicep tendon called the Bicipital Aponeurosis. Either the incline dumbbell curls or even better is a hard to explain cable exercise I learned from watching Ben Pakulski videos on Youtube. With the incline curl the direction of force isn’t exactly 90 degrees from the fully stretched position, but with cables you can SEE the direction of force: the cable is a visible representation of where gravity would be pulling if you were using free weights.

Contraction is hard for the bicep. To fully contract the bicep you have to have your elbow almost by your ear. The crucifixion curl is ideal for this especially when the cable is set as high as possible.  If you could sit down on an incline bench with your head against the cable station it would be ideal.  

Strength is best accomplished by using the preacher bench. This has gravity loading your muscle maximally when the elbow is 135 degrees.  Additionally using the preacher bench backwards works the muscle maximally when the elbow is in the 90 degree angle.  


Sample Program:

First ask yourself an honest question: which is more important to my physique; Forearms or biceps.  Do the weaker part first and use the Hammer Curls as your transition.

I will write it as if you’re like me: Biceps worst, then brachialis, then brachioradialis best.

Use the Tempo I detailed in my Tempo article.

Incline Dumbbell Curls

6 x 15

60 seconds rest

This is to get  good stretch workout. Go light and controlled. These aren’t power or pump reps, just stretch and squeeze. Don’t forget to supinate.  Stretch your biceps between sets.


Preacher Curls

3 x 10

90 second rest

These are power strength moves. Don’t come so low your shoulder moves because he pointy tip of your elbow (olecranon) digs into the pad.


Reverse Preacher (scott) Curls

Single arm alternating no rest

4 x 20

Squeeze at the top on every rep. Hard. And supinate.


Crucifixion Curls


30 second rest

Pump reps in the contraction position. Use full range of motion and squeeze at the top.  

Do a front double bicep or a rear double bicep for 20 of your 30 second rest period.


Alternating Hammer Curls

7 x 10

45 second rest

Squeeze at the top with a slight pronation (palm down)


Reverse EZ Barbell Curl

6 x 15

90 seconds

Initiate with a reverse wrist curl. The pain will be exquisite, to bad. Do it anyway:)


Thats a brief cursory overview of how to train your arm flexors. Feel free to ask questions on the forum! its 48,000 strong!

Other body part articles (the’re awesome, I wrote them:)






How to plan your workout split for the week

For more detailed and advanced bicep training check out our Workout Guides here.

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