Beta Alanine Isn't Good For Bodybuilders - Mind And Muscle

Everyone seems to be in love with Beta Alanine as a supplement.  It’s in pretty much every preworkout on the market, in fact I struggle to find one without it these days.  That’s why I specifically made Wyked 3.0 without it in there. I made it for myself!

Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that is a isomer of L-Alanine (which is also good for you).  It reduces the “burn” in muscle cells by buffering acid during exercise.  It also stimulates nerves (which causes the itching effect).  Finally, it recharges carnosine stores which are great for energy and anti-aging.


Isn’t it great for you?  Doesn’t it buffer lactic acid in the muscle?  Doesn’t it increase endurance?  Yes, it does all of these things.

I have one question for you.  Do you really want to work out longer?  Are you a marathon runner?  If those questions are “No” then you need to avoid Beta Alanine. The buffering of lactic acid is not something that is good for the bodybuilder.  Lactic acid build up is the muscle response to heavy training.  This signal is what tells the muscle to grow from intense exercise.

Buffering this process will only lead you to have to work out longer to get the same growth response.  Now, if you were a marathon runner or a boxer or even a power lifter, then by all means take beta alanine but for someone trying to pack on muscle I would avoid it completely.  As bodybuilders, we want the fastest results in the shortest amount of time…  If you want the fastest results, then skip the products with Beta Alanine in it.


Another user reported effect from Beta Alanine is depression past the 8 week mark.  That “tingle” you feel from Beta Alanine is from the stimulation of nerve cells.  This may have unwanted side effects in the brain like depression.   This is a hard effect to measure, so it’s possible that this is simply urban legend but it is a possibility with the paraesthesia (tingles).


Beta Alanine is great for endurance sports such as cycling, powerlifting and sports but our advice is to steer clear of it for bodybuilding and put your money into other supplements that are better for mass and not endurance. Sadly, almost every preworkout on the market has this ingredient in it.  The situation is so bad, that we had to formulate Wyked 3.0 specifically without Beta Alanine to fill this need.

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