Best Steroid Cycles: Add Prohormones - Part 1 - Mind And Muscle


In many countries, anabolic steroids are legal or decriminalized but there isn’t always available the exact cycle that a person is looking for…

While we never suggest that people break the law, we do understand that some people will have prescriptions for actual steroids for HRT and other medical reasons. If you fall into one of these categories and you check with your health care professional, you may want to consider adding in prohormones to your anabolic steroid cycle.

In this first installment we will discuss the KING of all prohormones, 1-Andro. This is a “dry” prohormone to 1-Testosterone which means it won’t convert to estrogen and for that fact it makes 1-Andro one of the most desirable steroids to add to testosterone to increase the hormonal effects.

1-Andro is called a “1-ene” steroid, which means it shares it’s structure with such well known steroids as 1-Testosterone, Primobolan, Metolone and Stenbolone. All of these illegal steroids were known for dry, hard gains and in fact 1-Andro converts into 1-Testosterone via 3 and 17 bHSD which makes it great to adding to your hormonal profile.

Testosterone is a highly convertible androgen and much of it gets converted to estrogen, so the addition of something dry like 1-Andro is a great way to balance out the cycle and increase the hardening effect of hormone optimization.


In a recent study, 1-Andro combined with proper diet and exercise program added almost 10lbs of lean mass to college aged well trained men while they were losing fat! This study shows the potency of balancing your hormones and the surprising part of the study is that the young men felt less aggression and a greater sense of well being.

There was some liver stress associated with the cycle, but no hair loss to mention. Also, it’s important to make sure one eats healthy (stay away from fried and fatty foods) since cholesterol was worsened while on the cycle. It is unclear if this was due to the combination of the DHEA isomer with grapefruit extract which does have an impact on liver clearance of hormones. Even so it’s best to take a liver supplement and some krill oil (2g per day).

Adding to a Steroid Cycle

Testosterone is one steroid that people on TRT take and as long as your doctor approves, you can stack with 1-Andro. In countries where it is legal, 1-Andro stacks well with Nandrolone (Deka) and other wet androgens.

As long as you monitor your health and are in a country where steroids are legal, go ahead and see if your doctor will give you the blessing to use 1-Andro and other DHEA isomers in addition to your steroid cycle.

Always, be safe and of course we never suggest that you break the law in any way, so make sure to check with the laws in your country before you purchase any steroid products.

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