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Virtually devoid of prohormone side effects, 1-Andro is the king of Prohormones

After the 2014 DACA or “Prohormone Ban” people are under the misunderstanding that there are no more legal prohormones. The irony is the Best Prohormones are the legal ones that remain now that the ban is in place.

What was Actually Banned?

The 2014 DACA or Designer Anabolic Control Act was designed to stop the sale of illegal designer anabolic steroids which were being falsely sold as prohormones. This was not a prohormone ban, but a ban of designer steroids marketed as prohormones.

What’s the difference?

An anabolic steroid is a synthetic version of the male steroid sex hormone testosterone. The purpose of this modification in designer steroids was to make the steroid something you could swallow, normally testosterone needs to be injected. The problem is, a chemical modification called 17 alpha methylation that causes liver damage is how these anabolic steroids are converted from injectable to oral administration. How much liver damage? Depends on the person but about the same amount as a beer, or tylenol.

Basically oral steroids are about as dangerous as going outside without sunscreen, but the public thinks its a cross between Meth and Heroin.

Why are they illegal? Public fear. The media did such a good job at scaring the people into thinking steroid users are dangerous homicidal maniacs that doctors arent even taught about this class of drugs in medical school and pharmaceutical companies don’t make this class anymore.

All the designer and illegal steroids are made illegally at a persons house in non sterile conditions. These chemicals are unstable, often under dosed and mislabeled all the time.

So the craven populace pressuring the clueless and lackluster government inappropriately made something very useful for mankind illegal, and now it Is dangerous since all of the steroids are homemade and unregulated. Negative thinking self fulfilling prophecy.

Real prohormones are a precursor to a active hormone. If it’s active in the bottle, without your body having to alter it it’s not a prohormone, its a hormone! Only if it has to be converted IN THE BODY to an active hormone is it a prohormone. These compounds that remain after the ban ar legal and named in the ban as exempt.

What are the Effects and Side Effects?

Prohormones in theory could be a proto hormone of an kind. But for these purposes we are using prohormones to testosterone or versions of testosterone. To truly understand all the effects you would have to grasp what testosterone does, which the leaders of the world in the subject don’t have it all figured out yet lol. Scary as this sounds, I know more about this stuff than any other doctor or bodybuilder I know.

Each prohormone has been modified to decrease potential unwanted effects and increase other positive effects. For instance 1-Andro has no potential unwanted effects, it builds muscle, thats it. but by removing all possibility of it causing unwanted effects you have to sacrifice many benefits. So unlike 4-andro which turns into test, all 1-andro does is build muscle. But it doesnt have other Good effects.

4-andro for instance can convert to DHT. DHT can cause hair loss in some people. To get rid of this side effect you lose the POSITIVE effects of DHT : Aggression, increased sexual function, increased strength, increased fat burning, decreased estrogen etc.

So a smart person would try it and find a way of measuring their hair loss, like wear black and run your fingers through your hair for 30 seconds and take a picture of your shoulder. If no hair is lost then the smart person would want compounds which convert to DHT, but if they are losing hair they should stick to wet not dry prohormones. I personally use dry for 8 weeks, then off for 4 and use a special hair regrowth protocol I developed and turns out had previously been proven unbeknownst to me. The article “Hair regrowth, Most advanced approach” is the article I wrote about it.

Wet prohormones convert to estrogen as well as stay the parent hormone. Estrogen has the majority of the side effects you hear about like prostate problems, breast problems, emotional problems, fat and water gaining, and what no. But the benefit of having some estrogen is it helps to grow muscle!

So you see a side effect to one person is an effect to another, thats why so many different compounds exist, one shoe doesn’t fit all!

A Word on the Reality of Side Effects

They don’t really have side effects when used correctly, all reported side effects are from anxious men reading scary things on the internet and imagining them. Headaches, decreased sex drive, nausea and vomiting, GI issues, these are all blanked placebo side effects. Any drug or supplement will have these side effects in some people because some people are anxious, and imagine a problem when they feel they are not in control. notice every comercial for any pharmaceutical has these side effects? When the educated consumer reads about the side effects of designer steroids marketed as prohormones, and then uses real prohormones, he may IMAGINE the side effects he read online.
The hypochondriac may imagine hair loss and breast tenderness. These are usually psychological. You never look at your hairline until you think your losing your hair, you get tender nipples when you’re constantly touching them to see if they are sensitive.

The one side effect that is real is shutdown. Whenever you add a hormone to a person, does not matter which one, the body decreases how much of the natural stuff the body makes. In the case of testosterone , estrogen is made from the testosterone and that causes shutdown. In theory no estrogen means no shutdown, but the truth is DHT causes shut down as well and even if there is none of either then enough testosterone unaltered would still shut itself off. For this reason all prohormone cycles should be assumed to cause some shut down and would benefit from a natural testosterone booster post cycle like Rise and Swell and Form XT.

Here is a List of the Best Prohormones

1-Andro is the King of Prohormones1-Andro
this is far and away the best prohormone. It doesn’t convert to estrogen or DHT so it should have no real side effects. It is as potent as testosterone at causing muscle growth, adn this has been backed by university studies. This is what you want to add to a cycle to increase muscle growth, you will need a “Test Base”.



This converts to testosterone and is the most important part of your cycle, it is the “Test Base”. This is the prohormone to testosterone and all men need some testosterone for sexual function. So if you’re not on Androgel or injectable testosterone from your doctor for TRT you definitely need this in your cycle if you want to keep your wife or girlfriend happy. Just don’t over do it, testosterone converts to DHT and estrogen so you don’t want to much of those, just alittle bit for sexual function and basic human health. To much of those are where the side effects come from. This is what you use to get super big, the more you use the bigger you get, nothing puts mass on like pure testosterone.


LG Sciences PboldpBold
This is a prohormone to the anabolic steroid EQ , Equipoise, or boldenone. It is a 1,4-andro if you will. It can convert to estrogen but very low amount and it is excellent at collagen synthesis, increasing it by 340%!!! I suggest this for people with joint issues and who want to put on mass but don’t want to lose hair if they have lost hair with prohormones or steroids which convert to DHT or are modified DHT like most of the oral steroids.



Lg Sciences Epi AndroEpiAndro
This converts right into DHT and is great for all of the amazing benefits from fat loss, to strength, to aggression, to more sensitive genitals for either gender. Side effect is hair loss but only 50% of men will have any hair loss in their life period, and if this makes your hair fall out you were going to lose it anyway. Add this to any cycle you want to cut fat or gain strength.



LG Sciences 17 Pro Andro17-ProAndro
This also converts to DHT but through a different pathway. Similar to winstrol according to some. Add this to any cycle you want lose fat or gain strength.

Very few Humans can gain  muscle and lose fat at the same time, you have to pick one, not both goals for each cycle, the do the other. I like 8 week cycles. After 8 weeks of muscle building myostatin is released and its a good idea to change directions and cut, or come off for 4 weeks and do another 8 week mass cycle.  If your running cycles over 8 weeks I would use Rise and Swell on cycle to protect your testes.


Effective Stacks

As you can see there are many kinds of prohormones on the market and it is common for people to stack them to achieve maximum effects on a cycle. Typically stacking prohormones is better than taking them on their own because there are unique benefits to each one. Remember that each body is different and not every compound works the same for each person. It’s possible that you need to find the right prohormone for you!

All stacks should be followed with 4 weeks of Rise and Swell and Form XT. This is called Post Cycle therapy and its what helps you keep your gains and prevents any shutdown and restores natural testicular functioning if minor shutdown did occur.

I have constructed all these things into functional cycles which are the best way to use any of these supplements. If you look below at the red words, those are hyper links. The term “Strength Stack” is a hyperlink to take you to the actual strength stack in the store, simply click on it!


Basic Mass StackMass Stack

This stack will increase hunger and add in two “wet” prohormones and one dry one to give an all out bulking cycle to put on mass at any cost!


Basic Cut StackCutting Stack

This stack will help shed body fat with proper diet and exercise and preserve and potentially build lean mass assuming your on a meticulous cutting diet.


Mind and Muscle strength stackStrength Stack

This stack adds strength and muscle density.



Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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