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Joint heath is an important topic for all people that weight train and body build.  The ability for the body to move without pain is paramount to getting a good and hard lift in…



If you want to enjoy the other amazing health benefits of prohormones, like joint repair, then you should understand how prohormones may help the joints and also how they may actually provide a reduction in pain and inflammation during your workout.  The joints have cartilage as well as synovial fluid which acts like a cushion to stop the bones from hitting and causing pain.

Over time and with hard work, the cartilage starts to break down and the synovial fluid becomes less capable of cushioning due to thickening. What that means is that each lift will have more bone on bone contact and less buffering between the bones and that causes injury and pain.

Injury is the leading cause of people not reaching their goals, so it’s important to slow the progression of cartilage and fluid loss in the joints, which will ultimately reduce stress and inflammation. Prohormones can help with this key factor of weight training by increasing key areas necessary for growth and repair.


When looking at all of the prohormones on the market we have several candidates for joint repair and reducing inflammation.  There is no indication that testosterone or any of its metabolites reduce joint pain in any way, so that means that 4-DHEA and 5-DHEA are out as candidates.  1-Andro and EpiAndro will probably increase some joint pain because they tend to have a drying effect on the joints. That leaves 3 candidates which happen to stack nicely and work on different pathways.

  • 19NorDHEA – Nandrolone is a known for its ability to increase cartilage thickness and that in turn will buffer the bone from the joint clashing against each other during heavy lifting on the knees, wrists, elbows and ankles.  19NorDHEA in theory should do the same thing as nandrolone and increase cartilage thickness by both regenerating it directly and increasing the water content of the cartilage cells, making them larger (think putting water on a sponge).
  • 1,4-OHP – Boldenone is also known to help each joints by reducing inflammation (acting as a weak prednisone) and by also increasing the fluid content and quality of the synovial pocket.  This means that you reduce pain and inflammation at the same time.  Inflamed cartilage is what causes pain, so while nandrolone can repair the cartilage, boldenone can reduce the pain from inflammation.  We theorize 1,4-OHP will have a stronger pain killing activity compared to 1,4,-DHEA but both should help with the fluid quality.
  • 1,4-DHEA – this also converts to boldenone and should increase the fluid quality but not necessarily reduce inflammation.


The best way to try and repair sore and inflamed joints would be to stack at least two of these prohormones to get the best result.   Here is an effective stack using prohormones for joint repair along with some other items you can use to give you a synergistic effect.

19Nor-DHEA – 100mg per day

1,4-OHP – 150mg per day

1,4-DHEA – 100mg per day

Include a good collagen supplement along with some CISSUS QUADRANGULARIS for the best results!  Happy lifting.


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