Best Prohormones For The Average Guy - Mind And Muscle


There is a lot of debate about what makes the best prohormone for the average user. Back in 2006, I wrote a piece about the “best” prohormone for the average male over 21 years old and in this article I will talk about the best prohormone for both the average male. This article doesn’t serve as medical advice and of course no supplement is going to build muscle for you. Only proper diet and exercise will actually build muscle, which means I would suggest you need plenty of protein and a lot of water (around 128 oz per day) along with a very good training program.


17bHSD is an enzyme that converts active testosterone into the active androgen androstenediol. Orally, there is an abundance of 17bHSD in the intestines and liver, which means that when consumed orally, DHT is rendered inactive at the 17 position (the opposite of what’s in the muscle). This means that taking Eipandrosterone orally will give the inverse, meaning it activates the 17b position when consumed as it passes the intestines.

There is also an enzyme called 3bHSD and it seems expressed in the blood and liver. This enzyme turns testosterone into the weak androgen called androstendione. Androstenedione also converts into many other hormones, thus it’s best to not have much of this hanging around.

These enzymes are bi-directional which means it’s a two step process for each one:

  • Oral Androstenedione + 17bHSD (gut) + 3bHSD (Blood/Liver) = Androstenediol
  • Oral Androstenediol + 17bHSD (gut) + 3bHSD (Blood/Liver) = Androstenedione
  • Oral Testosterone + 17bHSD (gut) + 3bHSD (Blood/Liver) = 4-DHEA
  • Oral 4-DHEA 17bHSD (gut) + 3bHSD (Blood/Liver) = Testosterone

1-Testosterone and all of the others suffer the same fate when taken orally, thus taking DHT or 1-Testosterone orally will yield the “DHEA” in the blood which IS NOT what we desire for the best effect. Our goal is to have TESTOSTERONE in the blood or 1-TESTOSTERONE because those are the hormones that we want to optimize.


If one wants to increase fat burning, it’s best to utilize a prohormone that aids in the release of fatty acids and also decreases estrogen while food is consumed. For this purpose we look at the very well established EPIANDROSTERONE. The muscle cells are filled with 3bHSD and 3aHSD, which means that in muscle, steroids like DHT are preferentially reduced to non-active metabolites. This means that muscle of the muscle building power that could be utilized by DHT is rendered useless as it is converted into weaker androgens. A dose of 100-150mg per day is an excellent dose of EPIANDROSTERONE.

1-TESTOSTERONE is also a potent fat mobilization agent which can help a weightlifter who is doing cardio to help increase the effects of that form of exercise. A recent study showed a profound fat mobilization effect from 1-DHEA when combined with proper exercise. The dose used was 330mg per day with additional grapefruit extract to aid in absorption.

LG Sciences EpiAndro provides 50mg per tablet of EpiAndrosterone using the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals liposomal delivery system and makes an excellent prohomone for this purpose stacked with Hi-Tech’s 1-Testosterone product which contains 110mg of 1-DHEA along with grapefruit extract for absorption.

LG Sciences – EPIANDRO contains 50mg of EPIANDROSTERONE per tablet in the Hi-Tech liposomal delivery system. 3 Tablets per day provides the perfect amount of EPIANDROSTERONE for a cutting cycle. (150mg)

Hi-Tech – 1-Testosterone contains 110mg of 1-DHEA per tablet with grapefruit extract. 3 tablets per day provides 330mg of 1-DHEA.


Bulking is quite a bit different than cutting and strength and requires a separate set of prohormones to assist in that arena. Instead of a cutting and strength agent like Epiandrosterone, 4-DHEA is used to provide the bump in hormones needed for bulking along with 5-DHEA which can optimize hormone levels for men. The best approach is a blend of these in roughly a 2 to 1 to 2 ratio. This provides key hormones for growth without adding the over accumulation of fat and yet allowing for size and strength.

4-DHEA is truly a master hormone and can convert readily to other hormones. Keeping this ingredient low will give the male who is looking to bulk the perfect amount of key nutrients that are crucial in adding muscle size when combined with training. Again, understand a proper diet and training program is what is “building” the muscle mass and prohormones only assist the body in being optimized.

LG Sciences – 4-Andro contains 75mg of 4-DHEA per tablet in the Hi-Tech liposomal delivery system. 2 Tablets per day provides the perfect amount of 4-DHEA for a bulking cycle. (150mg)

Hi-Tech – 1-Testosterone contains 110mg of 1-DHEA per tablet with grapefruit extract. 3 tablets per day provides 330mg of 1-DHEA.

LG Sciences – M1D Andro contains 90 mg of 5-DHEA per tablet using the Hi-Tech liposomal delivery system. 3 tablets per day contains 270mg of 5-DHEA along with an aromatase inhibitor and cofactors.

This is an excellent example of a bulking cycle using DHEA prohormones.


Realize that not every person metabolizes or responds the same to prohormones the same way, so this article serves as a fun guideline to help you design your first cycle. Realize that each cycle should be fine tuned and can contain a host of other prohormones like 5aOHP or 1,4-OHP or even 19Nor-DHEA. Understanding your body and how you respond is half the fun as you achieve your fitness goals! Happy lifting, be kind to your fellow bodybuilders and enjoy the experience.

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