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Another year has passed and the prohormone market is as strong as ever here in the US, with reasonably safe and legal prohormones dominating the market space.   Gone are most of the SARMS and also gone are the grey market prohormones that contain synthetic ingredients that could damage your liver or even worse.  What’s left are the natural mass builders that have very few side effects and offer the best balance for men over 21 looking to gain mass, with a good diet and proper exercise program!



Prohormones differ from steroids because they have no activity on their own (in most cases) yet convert in the body to active hormones that may build mass and increase strength.  Prohormones can shut you down requiring “PCT” or posts cycle therapy.  PCT is using a testosterone booster after your cycle to jump start your natural production back up.

Prohormones can have side effects like hair loss and other issues, but the ones we carry don’t typically impact you as badly as illegal steroids or illegal prohormones. Each person is different though and it’s best to watch your body and discontinue using any products that give you a negative side effect pattern.  Most people won’t have any issues, which makes prohormone use reasonably safe for the vast majority of men.

Prohormones are best taken in 2-3 doses. For example if you have 6 pills to take in a stack, it would be best to take 3 in the morning and 3 at night to keep a more constant blood level.  You can also take some pills right before a workout to get an extra bump in intensity.


Here is a list of the current prohormones on the market and what they are good for when trying to reach your goals.  Remember that nothing works without a proper diet and exercise program.  That is the basis for any positive gains in the gym.  If you don’t have one we suggest you search the internet, hire a coach or purchase one here.

There are prohormones that are “dry” which means that they don’t convert to estrogen.  There are “wet” prohormones which do create estrogen (estrogen is necessary for building muscle). There are prohormones that reduce cortisol and also prohormones that burn fat.  Choosing a prohormone isn’t easy for everyone which is why there are premade stacks and cycles and blends.


1-Androsterone – this prohormone to 1-Testosterone, which is 2-7 times more anabolic than straight testosterone (the body’s main androgen). 1-Testosterone has been studied to give up to an 11lb gain in 30 days with a good diet and exercise program.  This is a dry prohormone that requires eating a calorie surplus because it’s so anabolic.  Typical dose is 300mg per day


4-Androsterone – this prohormone to Testosterone is “wet”, meaning it converts to estrogen and testosterone.  It’s best to take this with an aromatase inhibitor/anti-estrogen product like Form-XT or Estrogenex.  This prohormone stacks well with dry prohormones at a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio (200mg 1-Androsterone to 100:mg of 4-Androsterone). Typical dose is 200-400mg per day


Epiandosterone – this is a prohormone to DHT.  DHT can cause hair loss in some and is very dry, but it is great prohormone for cutting and strength. Typical dose is 300mg per day


5-DHEA – the original “prohormone” DHEA can impact muscle growth and testosterone according to some studies.  Some studies also show that it has no effect on muscle and performance.  our take is that DHEA is good for you and may be beneficial in a stack of prohormones. Typical dose is 500mg per day.


6-keto-pregn-4-ene-3 20-dione – this is a purely anabolic prohormone that doesn’t act in traditional ways.  6-Keto is a purely anabolic substance that can give dry gains in size and strength. Typical dose is 150mg per day.


17beta-{1-Ketoethyl}-androstane-3-one, 17a-ol – this is a prohormone to DHT but is also active on its own.  This is a lean mass gainer that doesn’t have aggressive side effects at all and can give good dry gains.  Also it has been reported to combat estrogen side effects and gyno.  Typical dose is 150mg per day.


17beta-{1-Ketoethyl}-androsta-1, 4-diene-3-one, 17a-ol – this is a prohormone to boldenone that will increase hunger and give gains in the gym, while lubricating joints.  This is a good one to stack with other prohormones for an additive effect.  150mg per day is the minimum dose.


19-Nor-Androsterone – this is a prohormone to nandrolone, which is a very low side effect steroid which is easy on the hairline and prostate.  It’s not a great mass builder, but for people who want very low side effects this one is great. Typical dose is 100mg per day.


1,4-androsterone – this is another prohormone to boldenone which isn’t a huge mass builder but does increase hunger and reduce joint pain. Minimum dose is 150mg per day.



If you want to do a cycle of prohormones you need to decide some basic questions.


  1. How long do you want to do a cycle? (4-12 weeks)
  2. Is your diet high enough in protein to make this worthwhile?
  3. Do you have a solid exercise program?

You can also stack prohormones for really good results.  Usually prohormones work better when combined together. You can do this by buying one of the many combination products on the market or stacking individual products.  Typically the doses required for prohormones are dependent on two factors:  body weight and your metabolic profile.


The minimum for legal prohormones is usually about 1mg per pound of body weight.  This is the MINIMUM but the optimal is 2-3mg per pound of body weight.  Thus a 200lb male would take 200-600mg of prohormones per day to get the best results.  The range is there because some people metabolize prohormones quickly and some more slowly.  The slow clearers need less (because they prohormones are active longer) and the fast clearers need more.  There is no really good way to determine what type you are unless you take an expensive blood test or trial and error.




Prohormones are a good way to supplement your natural hormone levels and make impressive gains along with a good diet and exercise program. They do require hard work and good food, so keep that in mind before you expect miracles out of a cycle.  Make sure you plan your cycle and have any necessary ancillaries (for hair loss and liver support if you drink etc…) and then use these prohormones to make the massive gains in the gym you want to achieve.


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