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Prohormones are a hot topic still in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. Prohormones fill the gap between illegal steroids and herbal testosterone boosters like Long Jack and others. For men looking for the best possible balance of gains and safety, prohormones may be the best option. Of course without proper diet and exercise, nothing, not even steroids will give you the body that you desire.

In 2015 most of the drugs you think are prohormones are, in fact, illegal steroids. Some have been officially banned by name.  Mithras, DMZ,  Superdrol, Turnabol, Halovar, Trenavar, Trenzilla, Beastdrol, etc are all actually methylated and thus not prohormones, just oral steroids and have all been banned in 2014 DACA or the “prohormone ban”.

Nothing of course works as well as anabolic steroids but there are some serious downsides for anyone who is in the US. Anabolic steroids are illegal in all 50 states and carry a hefty jail sentence if a user is caught carrying them. Additionally, steroids are often made in underground labs that under dose at best or at worse sell fake gear. These labs will often mislabel their juice or “cut” very expensive steroids with those that are cheaper to increase their profits. Finally, steroids are either highly liver toxic or they must be injected. Injections can cause infections or even worse muscle damage if the injection is in the wrong spot or if the gear is dirty with bacteria.

Alternatives to Steroids:

Prohormones are an alternative to anabolic steroids because they are still androgen hormones that can facilitate mass gains, but they do not carry the some of the side effects of illegal juice. Andro prohormones are the best because they are completely legal and have a much better safety profile in comparison to steroids. They are not methylated.

Prohormones are not anabolic on their own which keeps them legal in the US, but they do allow your body to convert them into the target hormones that you would inject if you were taking illegal juice.

This makes prohormones a valuable tool when it comes to helping you reach your mass goals because it gives the body more raw materials to convert into real steroids. Everybody makes it’s own prohormones and by supplementing with them, you are taking a natural addition to your body’s own supply, which is often depleted by pesticides and other chemicals in the diet. Thus real andro prohormones are already naturally occurring in your body, which is better than chemically altered steroids.

Heavy Side Effects of Steroids:

  • Liver toxicity (primarily Methylated oral steroids )
  • Hair loss (Due to conversion to DHT or AAS made from DHT)
  • Arterial Damage (Due to high blood pressure)
  • Testicular shrinkage (Due to suppression of natural testosterone production)
  • Painful Injection Sites (If you’re a little girl :P)
  • Infection (If you have contaminated steroids)

Gynecomastia is a common side effect of wet steroids and Tren



Side Effects of Prohormones:

  • Slight possible hair loss only with prohormones which convert to DHT
  • Testicular shrinkage if you don’t use Rise and Swell along side your cycle.

Benefits Of Prohormones

Not one compound works best for every person so it’s important to try a prohormone combination that suits you. Of course if one kind doesn’t work it doesn’t mean that you are doomed. Each body responds to different prohormones and thus just because your first attempt didn’t yield the results that you wanted, you can easily try again with a new compound.

People will often stack their prohormones for maximum effects. To “stack” means taking multiple prohormones on a cycle to maximize gains. Usually, different prohormones will have different effects, and thus it is often helpful to mix different prohormones in a cycle.

Prohormones may help with sex drive, sexual performance, strength, fat loss and muscle mass. This is due to the downstream conversion into anabolic compounds that are fully functioning steroids. These effects are desirable in the modern man because our body is bombarded with chemicals that reduce our overall androgen load and can reduce sexual health and testosterone levels. It’s these chemicals that make prohormones a “healthy” choice in our opinion.

Here is a list of some of the more popular legal prohormones:

1-Andro is the KING of Prohormones

1-Andro – This is a precursor to 1-Testosterone and it does not convert to estrogen or DHT, and a very high anabolic profile. This means its great for everything you want and it doesn’t have any recorded or chemically logical side effects. Its a dream come true. Just recently a study was done with college aged men who weight trained and they gained an average of 11 pounds of muscle and lost 6 pounds of fat in a single 30 day cycle. Results like these make 1-Andro the king of the prohormones.



4-AndroThis is a precursor to Testosterone which gives it a mixed anabolic to androgenic ratio. People often use this prohormone in combination with others because 4-Andro gives good gains and smooths other some of the side effects of other prohormones. This is called adding in a “test base” to your cycle.

This converts to testosterone. Much cheaper and safer than trusting a primary care doctor. My professional medical opinion.



Epiandro – This precursor to DHT is great for cutting but can have some side effects like hair loss (if it runs in your family). That being said, this prohormone is amazing for cutting and has the ability to really boost strength in guys that find that to be their most important goal.

Converts to DHT. Burns fat, instant strength and aggression.




Lg Sciences 17 Pro Andro 4oz

5aOHP – this is a anabolic hormone that gives gains similar to the illegal steroid “Winstrol”. These are clean gains with little to no side effects. Unlike androgens this hormone actually seems to reduce “agression” while still yeilding lean gains in mass and strength.

Great for Cutting!!!!



Lg sciences pbold

Bolderone – this hormone is a 1,4 structure similar to the illegal boldione and boldenone products (equipoise). This means is is very likely to increase appetite and give you reduced inflammation (joint pain). While not a huge mass builder on its own it does great as a stackable item.

A prohormone to 1-Test and a Anti-aromatase, a solid lean mass prohormone




Converts calories into muscle and not fat. Why aren't you adding this to your cycle? Exactly.

6-Keto-Pregnane – this is a purely anabolic prohormone that will add mass and strength without any of the estrogenic or androgenic side effects of other prohormones. This is ideal for women and men who want the lowest possible side effects.

Converts calories into muscle and not fat. Why aren’t you adding this to your cycle? Exactly.

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Effective Stacks

As you can see there are many kinds of prohormones on the market and it is common for people to stack them to achieve maximum effects on a cycle. Typically stacking prohormones is better than taking them on their own because there are unique benefits to each one. Remember that each body is different and not every compound works the same for each person. It’s possible that you need to find the right prohormone for you! Attached are some of our most recommended stacks:


Low Side Effects Stack

6-Keto Pregnane + 1-Andro – This will give good solid gains with almost no side effects. There will be no aggression, hair loss, prostate issues or anything remotely close to that.

Bulking Stack
4-Andro + pBold+ 6-Keto-Pregnane – This stack will increase hunger and add in two “wet” prohormones and one dry one to give an all out bulking cycle to put on mass at any cost!

Cutting Stack
1-Andro + 5aOHP – This stack will help shed body fat with proper diet and exercise and increase the lean mass effects found with a cutting diet.

Strength Stack
1-Andro + EpiAndro + 6-Keto-Pregnane – this stack adds strength and muscle density.

All stacks should be followed with 4 weeks of Rise and Swell and Form XT. This is called Post Cycle therapy and its what helps you keep your gains and prevents any shutdown and restores natural testicular functioning if minor shutdown did occur.

I have constructed all these things into functional cycles which are the best way to use any of these supplements. If you look above at the red words, those are hyper links. The term “Strength Stack” is a hyper link to take you to the actual strength stack in the store, simply click on it!

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Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

Our suggestion for the best prohormone in general is PR by Liquid Labs. 2-3 doses per day will be all you need.

Our suggestion for a bulking prohormone is Androbolic 250 by APS. 6 tablets per day will be good.

Our suggestion for a cutting prohormone is Ma by Liquid Labs. 2-3 doses per day.

Our suggestion for a side effect free prohormone is DecaVol by AMS. 3-5 tablets per day.

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