Best Prohormones 2014


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2014 is already upon us and we have a host of new and old prohormones to review.  If you liked our last article BEST PROHORMONES 2013 then you will recognize some of these compounds and enjoy some of the newer compounds that didn’t hit the list last year.  There aren’t very many new compounds on the market this year but we have seen a lot of “death” mixes, which are basically prohormone mixes that are put together by people who seem to have no idea what they are doing and who feel “ok” endangering the lives of their customers.

You do need to understand that even the best prohormones 2014 are not going to help if you don’t have a good diet and exercise program.  Supplements and prohormones are only used to assist you in your goals and are not a replacement for a good diet and exercise program.  Please check out our home page to get some good diet and exercise tips if you don’t have enough for your cycle.


At Mind and Muscle we only sell prohormones that are reasonably safe and also 100% legal.  Some sites will sell grey market prosteroids which contain liver toxic 17aMethyl groups.  These steroids come with a heavy price on the health of the consumer and also put the entire industry at risk of losing all “andro” based prohormones.  Mind and Muscle prohormones are not in this class.  They are 100% legal by US law and also much safer for the consumer (you).




this prohormone was recently shown in a university study to give a mass increase of an average of 11lbs along with giving a 6lb loss in body fat.  The study was done in college aged males who were experienced with weight training.  This makes 1-Andro the top of the heap when it comes to building lean mass.  1-Andro has very low side effects and is great for anyone who is looking to add lean mass along with getting cut up.




this prohormone to testosterone can add mass and size to a stack.  The conversion to other metabolites makes this a perfect combination to other prohormones to alleviate side effects like lowered sex drive and increased blood pressure.  4-Androsterone is good on its own but is best stacked with other dry prohormones.




this is a prohormone to DHT that helps increase aggression and focus in the gym. It is great for increasing sex drive and strength.  EpiAndro is much better as a cutting prohormone for people who wish to gain strength.




this is a hardener prohormone that is often compared to the illegal steroid “winstrol” in its effects at hardening up the muscles, making them appear more dense and striated.




this is a lean bulking prohormone that is mild in bulking effects and in side effects.  It is easy on the hairline and blood pressure but you do need to take a higher dose.




this is a bulking supplement that should help convert all of your extra food intake into clean mass.  As a bulking agent, there is nothing legally available that is better.




this prohormone to “deca” or nandrolone is a very mild prohormone that is easy on the hairline and on any side effects.  This is best for women and guys who want to do the mildest prohormone on the market.



this very mild prohormone is a cortisol reducer which will help you slim down.  It’s not much of a mass or strength prohormone but it does stack well with other, more potent prohormones like 1-Andro and 6-Keto-dione.



This next list we put for information purposes only.  These items are illegal to sell in the US but can be found on some web sites. These prohormones are illegal because they are chemically altered.  These chemical alterations like anything not found in nature are not good for you and have the most damaging side effects like liver damage, hair loss, kidney stress, erectile issues and many unknown effects like cancer.

Dimethazine – this is an analog of methasterone, which was responsible for many reported liver failures and side effects.  This is no where near as strong as methasteron but is likely to have many of the same side effects.

Trendione – this is a prohormone to the illegal steroid trenbolone.  On paper this looks like it would be very good but in reality this prohormone doesn’t seem to have much conversion to actual trenbolone.  It is likely that over time the third bond deteriorates.

Methyl-Stenbolone – this steroid is a hybrid of superdrol and methyl-1-testosterone and it is very likely liver toxic and not as potent as the formerly mentioned illegal steroids.

13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-dien-17-one – this is a variant of an abortion pill called RU486.  I wouldn’t be putting this stuff in my body. It isn’t likely to be liver toxic but it is a compound intended to be used in women.

Epistane – another “female” pill disguised as a prohormone, this one is for breast cancer therapy.  It’s a very weak anabolic steroid that still has the potential to be liver toxic.  The gains are very slight and with the side effects it’s best to avoid this one.


People often like to cycle certain prohormone products because the belief is that mixing compounds of various types gives a greater effect.  This is the classic “1+1=3” approach.  The sciences is unclear on exactly how mixing different prohormones or steroids gives this effect, but it appears that while there is only one androgen receptor type, it may have numerous sub “switches” that activate different muscle tissues.  That is only one theory however but what is known is that stacking multiple prohormones is a very effective way to gain mass and strength.

Depending on your goals of either bulking or cutting, there is a andro prohormone stack for you.  At MM, we have our top three consumer grade stacks and also our own home grown Mass Stack.  Any of these will help you kick start your goals of gaining mass or losing weight! Happy lifting…

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