Best Prohormone Stack

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The best prohormone stack is one that is the right prohormone stack for you and your goals. All stacks should have a basic format:
1) Test base
2) Cutter or Anabolic
3) OCT
4) PCT

What is a Prohormone?

A prohormone is a proto-hormone. That which comes before the hormone. A fetus is a prohuman for instance. It’s not a hormone until you put it in your body, then your body converts it into a hormone. Thats how it’s legal, it’s not an active hormone until its in your body. Just like legally a fetus isn’t a human until the second trimester.

All prohormones are versions of testosterone or another sex hormone. The goal of a prohormone is to become either testosterone or a more specifically functioning version of testosterone in your body.

What is a Prohormone Stack?

Using multiple prohormones together is a prohormone stack. It allows more control and specificity of function than just taking more testosterone. Think of testosterone like a grenade. You can eliminate a target with a grenade. But sometimes a garotte, sniper rifle, or poison will be a better option, like if you dont want to make noise or kill surrounding people.
These more delicate and specific weapons are like the anabolics and cutters. If you poisoned someone, strangled them, then beheaded them they are more likely to be dead than if you just gave them more and more poison; what if they gave their glass or food to someone else?

That’s the theory behind a prohormone cycle. Using multiple prohormones together to get more of the effects you want and less of the ones you don’t. Since testosterone converts to estrogen and DHT using more and more just gives you more and more side effects. Choosing something that converts to DHT but not estrogen is the right prohormone for fat loss and one that converts to estrogen but not DHT is the right one for building muscle. stacking together the testosterone with one or more cutters or one or more anabolics gives you the effects you want without the opposite effects you don’t.

Test Base

All cycles should have some form of testosterone included in it. Testosterone is the patent male hormone and is needed for healthy living and functioning. Testosterone converts partially to estrogen and to DHT. All the side effects you hear about testosterone and steroids come from either DHT or estrogen. You do need some levels of these hormones however.

In a perfect world a person with normal testosterone levels could skip a test base and just opt for one anabolic and no post cycle therapy. But this isnt a perfect world, and that is why cycle mastery is a necessary component to getting as swole as inhumanly possible.

Like any hormone if you add a hormone to a person then that person stops producing that hormone. People must have a test base because if they take androgens or anabolics, even legal prohormones, they may produce less testosterone naturally. Thus you add testosterone or a testosterone prohormone like 4-Andro to every cycle.

On Cycle Therapy

I invented Rise and Swell to protect people from this effect. In theory if you use rise and swell you don’t need a test base, Rise and Swell enhances your bodies ability to make testosterone. This makes Rise and Swell On Cycle Therapy, which primes the body to respond better to Post Cycle Therapy.

Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy will ideally restore your natural hormone production to the level it was at prior to starting your prohormone cycle. If your natural hormone production was poor before starting the cycle the Post Cycle Therapy won’t make it better than it was; it only puts you back to where your were pre cycle.

The best legal Post Cycle Therapy is the combination of Rise and Swell and Form XT. This provides you with a HCG analog by the name of DAA, a estrogen receptor blocker similar to tamoxifen, and an Aromatase inhibitor similar to Arimidex.

This means it stops your body from making as much estrogen, and blocks the estrogen receptors. This tricks your body into thinking it needs more testosterone and it turns up testosterone production. The DAA causes this production to be increased in two different ways and I added Vitamin D so there is the carrier molecule to transport your cholesterol to the testes for testosterone production.

Anabolics or Cutters

Now that you have your helmet, your knee pads, your elbow pads, your wrist guards and force field generating utility belt mom is going to let you go outside and PLAY!

Anabolics or cutters are the stuff that actually gets the job done. Cutters are prohormones which don’t convert to estrogen so they are ‘dry’. Usually they DO convert to DHT or are a modified DHT molecule.

DHT burns fat and increases strength. The downsides are it doesn’t build muscle and it causes hair loss in the 50% of men that are going to lose their hair anyway.

Since it doesn’t add muscle it is retarded to use cutters for anything other than… you guessed it.. cutting!

If your cutting and thus have a calorie deficit, you can’t possibly add mass. It’s thermodynamically impossible. So why does it matter if a cutter can’t build mass? It doesn’t. That’s the point. You use a cutter to cut the fat off. Not build muscle.

Great examples of cutters are Epiandrosterone and 17 Pro Andro.


These are what adds muscle. These are not DHT converting prohormones typically and usually do convert to estrogen. This makes them ‘Wet’. Estrogen actually builds muscle believe it or not! So using these wet prohormones and eating in a calorie surplus allows you to build muscle, but the estrogen causes fat gain and water retention as well.

4-Andro converts to test and nothing puts on mass better than testosterone. pBold is a prohormone to Equipoise and it is a mild wet anabolic who can’t convert to DHT. This is the perfect agent for bulking if you’re prone to hair loss and want to keep all your hair.
Triene is a special compound which helps the body convert the food you eat into muscle and not fat.


This is a special compound. It converts into 1-testosterone which is as good as testosterone for building muscle but cannot convert to estrogen or DHT. In theory this means its not possible to have side effects even shut down of natural testosterone production. Since this is purely anabolic it isn’t good for a test base per se. But if this is all your running then you may not need a test base or a OCT or PCT protocol. Remember the perfect world I said didn’t exist? Well the future is here! I personally would still take the OCT and PCT to be on the safe side but there is no scientific evidence or rationale for doing so, just prudence.


The Best Prohormone Stack would have:

Test Base: Either TRT, 4-Andro, or at least Rise and Swell

OCT: Rise and Swell

PCT: Rise and Swell and Form XT

For muscle growth: add 1-Andro, Triene, and pbold

For fat loss: add either Epi-Andro or 17 Pro Andro

I have made it easy for you; I pre made these cycles around my ideas and I created a preworkout to amplify the prohormone stack’s effects. Of course I added in the Post Cycle Therapy

The Mind and Muscle Advanced Mass Stack is the best legal way to do a cycle. If this is too intimidating i have the Basic Mass Stack for those less gung ho about trying prohormones.

I added T2 thyroid hormone to the Basic Cut Stack and the Advanced Cut Stack.

You want the best Stack? One of the 4 listed above is ideal for you, just choose the one for your goal and commitment level!


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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