Best preworkout 2015

Unchain yourself!!

Unchain yourself!!

 Best Preworkout: Mind and Muscle

The best preworkout drink in 2015 is the one that suits your needs. There is no sense on using things that don’t work to your benefit or to your end goals. I remember the craze was Jack’d 3D some years back. I tried it and it made my skin crawl and I would see spots. Obviously doing incline bench with 335 and spotting out isn’t not good for your health or longevity. I tried it once and realized it wasn’t for me. I then tried 1 M.R. Again, not for me. First, I don’t think it is healthy or wise to use a preworkout supplement daily. You should use these on the occasion you really need them or if it’s a brutal workout you have planned. If you use high stimulant drinks daily, there is a good chance you will suppress your own adrenal function over time. It’s akin to having an adrenaline dump daily. This leads to suppression of the adrenal function. Not a good outcome if you want to function at a high level. At Mind and Muscle, we have a variety of preworkouts to choose from. Some are strong stimulant based and others are non-stimulant based. What preworkout would you choose and why would you choose that particular preworkout? Here are out Best Preworkout drinks.


Best Preworkout: Stimulant Based Drinks

At Mind and Muscle, we have our main 2 drinks; Wyked  and Nocturnus. The main difference is that one is a stimulant based drink and the other isn’t. Wyked 2.1 is our stimulant drink. It contains the following fat burners/stimulants:

Caffeine – A widely used drug throughout the world that is well studied in its effects.  It increases the activity of almost every cell in your body, but most people only take it to wake up. Ultimately stimulants are used to burn fat, and increase your energy. Caffeine increases strength, speed, mitigates pain, increases the rate of fat oxidation during the exercise, and improveses endurance.

Taurine– Red Bull made energy drinks popular popular and basically started an entire industry. This is the amino acid in these drinks that made it possible. It works in synergy with caffeine.

Kuzu– This is a Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide analog which binds to the ghrelin receptor on the pituitary and stimulates the natural release of Growth Hormone. See this article for more information GHRP-6 article.Growth Hormone causes the body to release fat  from fat cells to use for energy.

Yohimbine – This targets the stubborn fat in your body. Yohimbine blunts this mechanism and lets women target their hip fat and men target their abdominal fat.

L-Carnitine – Transports the fat to the mitochondria so it can be used for fuel.

Wyked 2.1 contains the following ingredients to increase the muscle pump:

Creatine Monohydrate – Creatine has been rigorously tested in a multitude of studies.  It pulls water into the cell causing intracellular stretching and possible hyperplasia (cell splitting).  It also aids in the production of ATP, the cells energy source to drive more intense training.

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate– A precursor to nitrous oxide (NO). The AKG carrier molecule increases the absorption from the GI tract so more is brought into the blood.  The NO- acts on  smooth muscle cells which surround blood vessels thus increasing blood flow.

Citrulline Mallate- Converts into Arginine to improve NO release.

Agmatine Sulfate – Increases the NO synthase enzyme in the muscle but decreases it in the brain. Great for muscle pumps and no headache.

Additional ingredients in Wyked 2.1:

Beta Alanine – Lactic acid is where the burn comes from while doing higher rep sets.  Beta Alanine reduces lactate and increases cellular energy

Betaine Anhydrous – Increases IGF-1 receptor activity.  IGF-1  is the most important intracellular messenger for muscle growth, hence increased receptor activity means more muscle!


Best Preworkout: Non stimulant based

A lot of people want a good preworkout that isn’t full of stimulants. We developed Nocturnus to be just that product. Some people train late at night, have anxiety issues, cardiovascular problems, or may have allergic reactions to yohimbine or caffeine. We decided to develop a stimulant free preworkout that was effective, but would allow you to sleep.  With all the same muscle building ingredients in Wyked 2.1, but none of the stimulants, we have captured the best of both worlds in Nocturnus! The best feature of Nocturnus is since it’s a phenomenal pump product, and stimulant free, there is no real limit to how many scoops of Nocturnus you can add so you can attain crazy pumps! The entire Mind and Muscle line has been designed to be used together in synergy. So all Mind and Muscle brand products can be stacked with all other Mind and Muscle brand products! For example, taking Nocturnus with T2 before bed will amplify fat burning when used together, resulting in even more dramatic fat loss. One could even add scoops of Nocturnus to Wyked 2.1  to increase the pump gained from using our preworkouts.









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