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SARM’s are on the chopping block for 2018. They have been put on the schedule III list of DEA hormones to make illegal. This means that they are really hard to find. They are still available in the underground, but that means unsafe manufacturing and additives that aren’t mean for human consumption.  With LEGAL prohormones like 1-Andro still available, we wonder why would anyone risk their bodies with unstudied SARM products. Get to know your SARMs, most importantly get to the the best place to buy SARMs and protect your training.

SARM stands for selective androgen response modifier, which means that these chemicals act like steroids in muscle tissue but don’t act as steroids in hair and prostate.  Unfortunately, that is only true at doses that are not meant for bodybuilders. SARM’s have been tested at 1/30th the levels that were studied in humans and rats. This means that likely at high doses, these chemicals have all of the positive and negative effects of steroids and the unknown is the side effects. We do know that SARM’s cause shut down and prostate issues at high doses, so it’s likely that they cause liver stress and other side effects.

SARM’s can cause massive mass gains though, so it’s a trade off whether you want to use them or not, but we suggest that you be over 21 and have your diet and exercise program dialed in for the best success. No supplement or hormone will work without proper diet and exercise.


Increased strength

These chemicals have shown to increase strength up to 5 weeks with 3 weeks minimum being the most effective time frame for strength. (Dalton et al, 2014).

Bigger muscles

SARM’s certainly can increase muscle size by growing muscle mass. Studies suggest that they increase muscle mass over 12 weeks. -Dubois et al, 2015 The results depend on the SARM and dose.

Increased sex drive

Studies on sex drive have shown a definite increase with SARM’s. A 2014 study shows that they can increase sex drive as well as testosterone without the same side effects (again at lower doses). – Dalton et al, 2014

Comparisons to Prohormones

These chemicals have more side effects than prohormones like 1-Andro without the positve benefits. 1-Andro has been shown to cause an increase in androgens that lead to roughly 11lbs of mass gains in a 4 week cycle.  They likely have all of the side effects of methyl steroids with less benefit, but for now they are quasi-legal, so they certainly have that benefit over steroids. Prohormones like 1-Andro are still legal so it’s best to stick with legal prohormones made in a GMP facility regulated by the FDA.


MK-677 – this is a newer SARM that has good benefits for releasing HGH.  While this isn’t technically a SARM, it is often included in the catalog of suppliers selling these chemicals. This should be cycled 5 days on and 2 days off and can be used for up to 8 weeks.

Cardarine – this is similar to MK-677 above and is used to boost growth hormone levels. As an oral ingredient, it is used similar to MK-677 and has similar effects.

RAD-140 – this is a true SARM that should be dosed at 20-40mg and can give mass gains similar to anabolic steroids and prohormones (about 10lbs in 30 days) while having a reduced side effect profile. It’s best for cutting and recomposition and makes for a great stack with other anabolics or supplements.

Ostarine (MK-2866) – this was one of the first viable SARM’s to hit the market. This product is a mild builder with little side effects. Doses are between 20-40mg per day and should require PCT after the cycle. Ostarine is a very commonly used ingredient in stacks and cycles and mixes well with steroids or prohormones.

S4 – this is the first SARM ever brought to market. It is very similar to Ostarine in effects and structure and has a similar dose schedule Unfortunately, S4 does cause vision problems in some people so it’s best to use Ostarine as an alternative.

SR9009 – this SARM is best used for athletes who are looking for top performance. It seems to increase mitochondria activity in the cells, which can help to increase energy and performance on the field. Best stacked with ALCAR, PQQ and CoQ10, this chemical is great for athletes wanting to perform at their best.  Doses are again between 20-40mg daily for up to 8 weeks.

YK-11 – this is both a myostatin inhibitor and an androgen. It’s build on the skeleton of Nor-progesterone (like many steroids) and has good building effects. It does cause bloat though, which means you should probably stack it with something like RAD-140 for fat loss. Dose is 20-40mg per day (typical for most SARM products) for up to 12 weeks.


SARM’s are still available on questionable sites that sell chemicals, but there is no standardization for dose per bottle and ingedients. It’s best to use prohormones or steroids (for those countries where they are legal) until SARM’s become mainstream drugs. When they are mainstream, they will have standard dosing and quality control.


If you want effects similar to SARM products without the liver side effects and PCT you should use the Ultimate Andro Stack from Liquid Labs. This contains everything you need for an effective cycle.

If you do choose to use a SARM cycle, then please use a liver protectant like Liver-RX.

Also, you should be using a PCT and testosterone booster on and post cycle like our amazing Rise and Swell.  It boosts testosterone in 4 pathways and gives amazing increases in recovery.

Nothing I say should be considered medical advice. Please consult with a health professional before trying any diet and exercise program.

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