Best Mass Building Prohormones 2014

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So you want to get massive. You want to be a mountain of flesh, a titan among men.  You want frightened peasants to storm your spartan cell with torches and pitchforks.  You want children to worship you like a dinosaur, and swing from your tree trunk arms.  Well I have the skinny on how not to be skinny.

Whenever a man walks into a room his subconscious mind instantly sweeps the room for threats and targets.  Every potentially threatening man and attractive female are in color and the rest of the humans are in black and white.  The bigger you get, the less men are in color.  Likewise the more massive you become the more you show up on others’ radars. But this is a double edged sword: eventually even in baggy clothes and a hoodie you stand out like a beacon of masculinity, you can’t hide that you’re a shark among piranhas.  Complete strangers approach you and ask you to tell them the secret of how to get swole, and you can’t hide among the masses, no more than a wolf can hide in a herd of sheep.

So If you really want magnetism, charisma, and deferential alpha status that can’t be turned off then keep reading, If you like being invisible in a crowd then this article isn’t for you.

Traditional Mass Building Is Called Bulking.

Bulking is gaining as much weight as possible by eating dirty food and taking dirty drugs.  You end up with fat, water, and some muscle but you get a slew of health side effects, most from the dirty drugs.  D-Bol and Anadrol are garbage that make you look like a sloppy mess. Acne, balding, liver damage, water retention, bloating, heart issues and many more issues develop from eating like this while taking in METHYLATED steroids. When you drop the drugs and start your diet to cut, you lose almost all your gains but the pockmarks on your skin and the lost hair don’t come back. This is the dumbest way to gain muscle.  Beastdrol, Trenavar, Trenzilla and other prohormones are methylated garbage that sound like Action figures, not serious pharmaceutical grade hormones. Seriously? If your doctor prescribed a drug called Beastdrol would you take him seriously? It’s smart marketing to take advantage of naive people.

Lean Mass Building

This ia an ATTEMPT to put on solid muscle and not water and fat.  To do this you eat clean like you were cutting, but eat a calorie surplus not a calorie deficit. Its as simple as turning the wheel in your car to the right when you want to turn right instead of turning the wheel in your car to the left when you want to turn left. The fact that there are so many terrible drivers out there is probably why so many people are obese. When I am driving I can’t fathom what people are thinking, and when I see the choices people make who are “trying to lose weight” I am equally flabbergasted.  If Dr. Oz says jump off a cliff would you?

The prohormones that are the best for Building Mass are ones that will help you gain solid muscle and not make you look like 200 pounds of crap in a 150 pound bag.  If thats what your going for try Gargantuadrol.

Prohormones that turn into estrogen eventually are called WET. They are typically used for bulking because estrogen does build muscle both directly and indirectly.  The problem is they have many estrogen related side effects like growing breast tissue and having feelings. To prevent and mitigate these flaws we can use either DRY (non aromatizing; does not convert to estrogen) prohormones or an on cycle, low dose anti-estrogen like an aromatase inhibitor.

Enough With The Foreplay, Show Us The Goods!

Here are the top mass building prohormones of 2014

Sublingual is the best method of prohormone delivery

LG Sciences 1-Androstenolone

1 Andro- The king of prohormones, it was proven in a University study to work as well for mass building as testosterone enanthate, it has even been proven to IMPROVE subjects mood.  It converts to 1-testosterone in the body and does not convert to DHT or estrogen, thus making it as close to completely anabolic as anything ever made.



decavol_mediumDecavol- Converts to Deca in the body. Deca is considered the best mass builder, with a very high androgen receptor binding, if you can’t grow on test and deca you can’t grow.  It has been known to cause loss in sex drive and it’s important to add testosterone to a cycle to maintain sex drive. In regards to prohormones that means adding 4-Andro.

4-AndroConverts into testosterone into the body and functions just like the parent hormone. It is the perfect addition to any cycle to maintain normal hormone function, especially good to stack with Deca to cancel out deca’s particular side effect.


6-KetoAdvanced Mass Stack– This is a novel compound which makes more of the food you eat turn to muscle and not into fat, no cycle is complete without it, Prohormone or otherwise.
The Liquid Labs Advanced Mass Stack is the best cycle for packing on solid mass.  It also comes with a PCT.

That cycle is a solid way to emulate a Test/Deca cycle in a safe and legal way while actually getting two novel compounds that are not copies of illegal steroids, but new compounds that nothing else out there does. Enjoy your freshly grown mass!

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Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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