Best Health & Fitness Products of 2014

Best Health & Fitness Products of 2014 ushered in a number of fantastic supplements. there are many categories to cover. Here are some of our favorite products from 2014!

Best Fat Burners of 2014


The best fat burner of 2014 is T2. T2 is a form of thyroid hormone that the body synthesizes from T3 after T3 is made from T4. It is very potent as it makes your mitochondria “spin it’s wheels” using fat for energy but not having a use for this energy it’s lost as heat. It works without diet or exercise unlike most supplements and is totally safe as long as you keep its use to the recommended amount. It is so much stronger sublingually than orally that one bottle for $20 may last you 6 months.

Rezolution V2 is another fat burner which works great when stacked with T2. It will help your body burn fat from your fat cells and the T2 increases your mitochondria’s ability to burn that fat liberated from Rezolution V2. Rezolution V2 also has ingredients to make you happier while dieting, increasing the reward hormone dopamine in your brain so you feel satisfied with your chicken and rice as if you just had a stake and ice cream meal!

Wyked 2.1 is my favorite and first born. It is an excellent fat burner if you take it before cardio and weights assuming you have had no carbohydrates. It helps the Rezolution V2 target the hard to reach fat cells and has L-carnitine to transport those fat molecules to the mitochondria so T2 can speed up the mitochondria burning them.

Best Lean Mass Builders of 2014


1-Andro is the King of prohormones. It doesn’t convert to DHT or estrogen so it is a purely anabolic androgen 2 times as potent as testosterone. It is one of the only legal prohormones in the world and its exempt from being banned in the future. This and many other important factors make 1-Andro the king of prohormones and the best lean mass builder of 2014

pBold is a prohormone to boldenone. It increases collagen synthesis 340% with correct dosing. This is in addition to its muscle building capabilities as it is the prohormone version of EQ a very popular lean mass agent. It does not convert to DHT and barely converts to estrogen so it will give you side effect free gains, great for stacking with 1-Andro!

6-Mass is the perfect addition to any cycle. It helps your body turn food into muscle and not fat. Although it isn’t an effective mass builder by itself, it makes the 1-andro and the pBold grow more muscle and less fat while on a cycle, even if your food is semi dirty.

Best Bulking agents of 2014

best bulking

M1D is the flagship mass builder of the LG fleet. It has the brute force of the very legal and never going to be banned 5-DHEA and has several herbal cofactors to route it to testosterone production and prevent estrogen accumulation. So you get lean dry gains and don’t have to worry about anti estrogens. This and the price make M1D the best Bulking agent of 2014

4-Andro is a direct precursor to testosterone. Testosterone is the parent male hormone but it can convert to estrogen and DHT which are what gives people the side effects. Nothing is better for people who don’t make their own testosterone; this is the main thing you want for hormone replacement therapy. Using 4-Andro and M1D together is the perfect one-two punch for mass!

6 Mass again one of the best additives to a cycle, you simply can’t go wrong with 6 Mass

Best Cutters of 2014


Epi-1-Test is one of my favorite things AMS ever produced. It has all the cutting power of 17 Pro Andro and all the muscle building of 1-Andro in one great combination product. Cut off the fat while preserving your hard earned muscle with Epi-1-Test!

17 Pro Andro takes a different pathway to turn into stanolone than that found in Epi-1-Test. Like 1-Andro it is exempt from the 2014 prohormone ban and will not be banned in the future. Like Stanalone it will burn fat directly and inhibit estrogen formation, it will not build muscle, but if you’re cutting you can’t build muscle anyway, it’s against the laws of thermodynamics.

1-Andro despite it not burning fat it is a key element to any cutting cycle. When cutting it is common to lose muscle along with fat if you’re not currently taking an anabolic. For this reason I feel 1-Andro is a perfect addition to any cut cycle. Using Epi-1-Test, 17 Pro Andro and 1-Andro will maximize your strength and fat loss but allow you to keep all your mass!

Best Protein of 2014


In case you didn’t know there is a huge class action lawsuit in effect. It appears that the majority of the supplement companies put taurine and creatine in their protein powders to increase the perceived amount of protein. Basically you’re getting 12 g of protein and not 22 g with most brands, they add fillers which trick machines into thinking there is more protein than is actually there.

Why Pro is the best protein powder of 2014. This is a michigan based company and I know from first hand experience there is no protein spiking. With no added sugar or fat this has the highest protein percentage possible. Other companies sell Whey Isolate then add sugar and fat to make it taste good. That seems ok, but it isn’t isolate any more now is it? For this reason despite Whey Pro being whey concentrate its still more CONCENTRATED than any leading Isolate on the market. Other brands buy and market Isolate but then contaminate it and make it less concentrated than concentrate. You, the consumer, buys “ Whey Isolate” thinking its the fastest digestion time but it isn’t because of additives.

ON Hydro Whey – This was the old high performance gold standard. Despite being Whey Hydrosylate, the most expensive protein money can buy because of its ultra fast absorption, fat and sugar were added to it to make it a tasty treat. Now it is just super expensive whey concentrate again. It is however 100% pure with no protein spiking. This is because Its owned by Glanbia and they are the company that actually makes all the whey, they don’t have to pay themselves for whey so they can afford to put the real thing in their products.

BSN Isolate – Again take whey, ISOLATE it from carbs and fat, then add in carbs and fat… This company is also owned by Glanbia and thus is using real whey, not taurine and creatine.

Best Ancillaries of 2014


Rise and Swell is the best ancillary of 2014. It protects your testes while on cycle and helps relieve cycle related ED. It is also a natural test booster and increases androgen receptor expression, has cofactors to transport cholesterol to the testes for testosterone production and helps you burn hard to reach fat. It also increases blood flow to all your muscles and penis and helps Wyked 2.1 give you skin tearing pumps.

Super Cycle is loaded with tons of ingredients to protect your kidney, liver, prostate, heart, brain and arteries Super cycle is a steal for the price, Its like having organ armor for your cycle.

Joint Fixx is a critical addition for all lifters, especially if you’re over 30. Once your joints go you’re done. You won’t even be able to do cardio if its your knee and you can forget about having the body you always wanted. For that reason I encourage form perfection and Joint Fixx!

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