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There are two types of headphones on the market that make sense for the bodybuilder…earbuds and on the ear phones.

These two headphones offer two radically different experiences and offer both pluses and minuses for the bodybuilder.

It’s important to have bluetooth 4.1 in your earpiece so you can have the best possible quality of streaming. Old standards such as bluetooth 3 is just a horrible experience. You can literally lose quality and connectivity from moving around in the gym!


When selecting an earbud style headphone, there are three things to consider. These are for people who need the maximal flexibility and ease of wearing in the gym. Comfort and sound quality are two very important factors along with wearability. Nothing is worse than an ear bud that keeps falling out.

First we need to consider sound quality, since this is one of the most important factors in choosing the right headset to get you pumped up in the gym! The best way to choose sound quality is to choose based on Amazon ranking. Amazon is BRUTAL when it comes to criticism, so it’s a great tool to weed out the good from the bad for listening devices.

Second we need to make sure that they fit correctly. One of the major downsides to earbud style pieces is micro-bruising of the ear canal. This is the feeling of “soreness” you get when you wear your headphones too long. Again Amazon saves the day here.

Finally, we can look at wearability which is how well they stay in vs the competition. Nothing is worse than laying down to bench and losing an ear piece mid lift! It is distracting and can even lead to injuries!


These headphones reduce the common problems with earbuds at the expense of looks. On the ear pieces are cup shaped and don’t cause any micro-bruising of the ear canal. They typically have better sound quality than earbuds and reduce noise pollution!

The downside to these is aesthetics (looks of the piece) mostly. These don’t look anywhere near as cool as the earpience design, so it’s important to decide if you want to look cool or have a better sound experience.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on ear pieces to get a good result. Modern ear pieces come in everything from 4.5 star ratings to 1 star ratings and it’s important to use a site like Amazon that ranks it’s products by REAL consumers! These also all have BlueTooth 4.1 as standard so your iPHONE or Android connection will be crystal clear!

You can find these yourself but we’ve done the work for you and here is our top recommendation in each class:

Earbud Bluetooth 4.1

OnTheEar BlueTooth 4.1

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