Best Fat Burning Supplements 2015

It’s 2015 and your older. Are you better? Do you want to be? Or are you one of the few people who think they are perfect and there is no room for improvement? As TFA as I am I still have room for improvement and one of those areas is excess body fat. And for this reason Im going to review the Best Fat Burning Supplements 2015

A Word on Growth Hormone

Growth Hormone aside from aiding in healing and recovery and slowing the aging process burns fat! Pay close attention to Wyked 2.1, Rise and Swell, and Ghenerate since all three of these increase growth hormone at discrete times of day to cause your body to have a huge natural release of growth hormone when its MOST BENEFICIAL for fat loss and longevity!

The Products

T2 – This is a natural version of the thyroid hormone thats already in your body. It does not work on the thyroid. It does not mimic anything, it isn’t an herb. IT’S THE ACTUAL THYROID HORMONE. But T2 is different than T3 and T4 that are the old thyroid prescription drugs. T2 just burns fat and not muscle. What’s even cooler, if you wanted to bulk on T2 it helps grow strength and speed fibers! This is the opposite of the drugs other doctors push on their patients, I mean prescribe.

Take home points:

1) T2 is real thyroid hormone that accelerates your mitochondria’s use of fat for fuel and excess energy is lost as heat.
2) It suppresses appetite
3) It makes your muscles bigger and stronger if you take it while trying to grow not cut

Rise and Swell – This is FOR MEN ONLY because it is a natural test booster. It also has Yohimbine which aside from the male performance enhancing effects helps your body target the hard to reach fat like belly (Visceral) fat. It has L-carnitine which transports fat from the fat cell to the mitochondria where the T2 is causing it to be burnt off for heat and not energy. Rise and Swell does other things to amplify your testosterone production which indirectly will burn fat as well.

Take home points:

1) Facilitates T2 burning fat
2) Natural test booster
3) Erection support

Wyked 2.1 – Yes all three of these are my inventions, and when used together they work synergistically. Like Rise and Swell, Wyked 2.1 has L-carnitine and Yohimbine. So it will amplify the effects of T2 on fat burning. Additionally Wyked 2.1 is a pre-workout formulated to grant the greatest pump possible.

Take home points:

1) Fat burning and pump focused pre workout
2) Wyked 2.1 is amplified by Rise and Swell
3) Wyked 2.1 amplifies T2’s fat burning effect

All three of thse taken together correctly will give incredible fat loss results when coupled with the appropriate diet, 30 day transformation!

Rezolution – This is a fat burner like the classic diet pills. What makes Rezolution special however is the extra herbal ingredients to satiate your reward centers of the brain so you get pleasure for eating your diet food.

Take home points:

1) Burns fat
2) Curbs appetite
3) You don’t feel like your missing anything eating clean

Hi-Tech Anavar – This is a combination prohormone which works similar to Anavar. It preserves your muscle and directly burns fat and inhibits aromatase so your body makes less estrogen. It is an advanced addition to a fat burning stack since it has 2 prohormones in it.

Take home points:

1) Works like Anavar
2) Preserves muscle while cutting or gain lean mass while bulking
3) Increased strength
4) Burns fat directly and indirectly
5) Decreases your estrogen so you store less fat and look leaner

Lipoburn– This is topical to allow you to target hard to burn fat off the butt and thighs on women and the lower back and stomach on men. It doesn’t enter your entire body, just targeted areas!

Take home points:

1) Topical fat burning
2) Only legal way to do spot reduction
3) Perfect for wings, butts, thighs and belly fat


What Do I Get?

If you’re a woman looking to lose fat then use Lipoburn + T2 + Rezolution.

If you’er a man looking to lose fat use Ultimate Fat Loss Stack + Anavar.

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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