Best Fat Burners 2015

 HydroxyElite 90Ct Bottle

Best Fat Burners 2015

What fat burner should I use is a question I got often in my 20 years as a personal trainer. Well, I wasn’t always big into using them but I had friends who did use them often. Back then the gold standard fat burner was ripped force. It was ephedra based. That was the key ingredient because it was a beta 2 agonist. The problem with using beta 2 agonist’s is that they cause the receptors to down regulate. Basically, this means the receptor no longer binds the agonist, therefore the effect is greatly diminished. So how does one use a fat burner and not get this down regulation? You either need to cycle a powerful beta agonist or simply use one that won’t cause down regulation. This is why ephedra is likely a better choice than the drug clenbuterol. Clen causes rapid down regulation of the receptors. The way around this is to use ketotifen, another drug that is an anti-histamine. Well, the problem with these two compounds is they are drugs, they aren’t legal without a scrip, and they can have health implications. So how do we get around this? We use the best legal fat burner we can buy OTC (over the counter). The best one on the market is Hi Tech’s HydroxyElite. What makes this product special?

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HyroxyElite vs OxyElite Pro

This isn’t a battle but rather a comparison between two products that are basically the same product. Hi Tech has the guts of a burglar. These guys have had numerous face off’s with the FDA and the federal government. The supplement industry as a whole and consumers of these products should kiss this companies arse for standing up against tyranny by our own elected officials. These people who mostly couldn’t find their ass with a funnel, are making decisions on what products we can and can’t use. I have this opinion. This is my body and I will put into my body what I see fit. If I kill myself using a product, there is one less social security check the government needs to cut. Like I said before, why don’t they tackle big pharma with their multitude of deaths in their wake? Too much money in their pockets by Big Pharma Lobbyists is why. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. This whole thing pisses me off so I just want to thank Hi Tech for fighting for the rights of all of us. Back to the supplements! HydroxyElite is exactly a carbon copy of OxyElite pro, with one addition, Garcinia Cambogia. This is probably added in an amount not powerful enough to exert a strong effect, but it will do a little to help. The main thing is DMAA. That’s the stuff everybody want’s and only Hi Tech has the balls to put in their products. They are embroiled in a legal battle of the ages with the FDA that’s why. So why did Hi Tech do this? It was brilliant on their part. Remake basically the same fat burner that was the number one selling product in it’s sector in the world for a few years running. Hell, it is even the same packaging! Make no mistake, this is the old OxyElite Pro, plus Garcinia Cambogia.


So Why Buy HydroxyElite?

We have already ascertained that this is OxyElite Pro in all but name and an ingredient. Why should you buy this product? Because it does what it is supposed to do, help you lose weight. It does it buy elevating metabolic rate and also crushing hunger. This makes this a highly effective product. Why try something that has no proven track record when you can buy something that has been sold in mass quantity? I think the answer to that question is relatively simple. You buy the product that has been shown to do the job! Sure, you can read some horror stories about problems with this product. The funny thing is, like I said in my Jack’d Up article, aspirin and NSAIDS kill 7600 people EVERY year yet they are not banned as dangerous. Wake up and smell the DMAA! I am not telling anyone to go buy it and use it.  I am simply laying out the facts honestly. If you are overweight, have high blood pressure, or other health issues, this is likely not the product for you. If you are a healthy person looking to peel off some pounds, this could be a benefit to you. Get yours today at Mind and Muscle. No better time to peel off that stubborn bady fat than right now!

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