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How to Choose the Best Fat Burner!

One major pathway through which good fat burners work is beta receptor agonism. This is how the fat loss drug Clenbuterol as well as others work. Beta agonism allows for increased body fat breakdown and burning. Supplemental ingredients that act as beta agonists include ephedrine and methyl-synephrine among others.

Another major pathway through which fat burners work is alpha receptor antagonism. Alpha antagonists work synergistically with beta receptor agonists and promote the mobilization and burning of fat in “stubborn” areas. Common supplement ingredients that act as alpha antagonists include yohimbine and rauwolscine.

Thyroid hormones are another pathway through which some fat burners work. Certain ingredients boost either production of thyroid hormone or conversion of T4 to T3 such as bacopa monnieri which increases T4 production to prevent the reduction that often occurrs with dieting. T2 is another thyroid relates supplement incredient which is commonly referred to on supplement labels as 3, 5-diiodo-l-thyronine and 3, 3′-diiodo-l-thyronine. The T2s are metabolites of thyroid hormone that have some activity of their own which will work to the advantage of anyone looking for a metabolism boost and to shed some fat.

There are other additional pathways which are not discussed here, but this pretty much covers the major effective pathways that are commonly utilized in a good fat burner. Beware, as many fat burners are simply a combination of stimulants to make the user feel like they are losing fat, when in reality the results are not much different with or without the supplement given that the user does not change their diet. The best fat burner will contain ingredients that work through multiple pathways in a synergistic manner to increase fat release and oxidation as well as provide a small metabolism boost along with appetite suppression as additional benefits.

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