Best Cutting Prohormones 2014

Best Cutting Prohormones 2014

So you want to cut. You want to get sliced. Diced. Shredded. Ripped. Chiseled. You want to carve grooves and fissures into your flesh to show all your years of BRUTAL hard work so others can bask in your otherworldly splendor.  Who needs a statue erected in their honor when you’re a walking statue? A biomechanical work of art, as dry and hard as stone but gliding among the masses like a lion among gazelle.

All the muscle in the world is pretty pointless if you’re covered in fat and watery bloat.  Some guys would rather look like a big bloated tic so they can say they wear a XXXL shirt, but I for one would rather rock a medium so I can have a dramatic V-taper.  Whats more important to you: intimidating men or attracting women? If you’re more interested in what other men think of you thats cool, then pound the Anadrol and Dbol like chicklets and you’ll look like a water buffalo in no time.  Have fun tying your shoes, clipping your toenails, or breathing.

If you want to unveil your masterpiece and pull the tarp of blubber off the stature of human perfection that you’ve made yourself into then cutting the fat off is for you.  If you’re interested in cutting, the safest most effective hormone modulation you can choose are from the best cutting prohormones.

The difference between cutting and bulking prohormones is estrogen.  Prohormones that convert to estrogen are called WET.  Prohormones that don’t convert to estrogen are called DRY.  Cutting prohormones are of the dry variety. One of the advantages of dry prohormones aside from themselves not converting to estrogen is some can stop the conversion of other prohormones from converting to estrogen.  Estrogen is made from Aromatase converting testosterone to estrogen.  DHT is made from 5 alpha reductase converting testosterone to DiHydroTestosterone (DHT).  The really really cool thing about DHT is it directly inhibits aromatase. This means the DHT stops aromatase from ruining testosterone by making it estrogen. In other words dry stops the wet from being wet and keeps it neutral when you take dry and wet prohormones together,

Other strengths to DHT is that it burns fat directly and it decreases SHBG which allows for more free testosterone.  It also gives you aggression and strength in the gym so you can get through your savage workouts while you’re low on calories, miserable, and barely able to stand from exhaustion.

The disadvantages to DHT are that it causes hair loss in genetically susceptible people, people who were going to lose their hair anyway, and causes increased blood pressure in susceptible individuals.  It can cause prostate issues in susceptible individuals as well.  DHT won’t build muscle, but you really cant build muscle in a calorie deficit anyway, not consistently anyway.

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So Without Further Adieu The BEST Cutting Prohormones of 2014

The best prohormones will have a sublingual delivery, oral prohormones are just inferior. All the prohormones listed below are sublingual, its the next best thing to injections, and injections are illegal.


1-Andro is by far the best prohormone on the market.  It is the closest thing to purely anabolic. It converts to 1-Testosterone which does not convert to DHT or to Estrogen,  this means there are virtually no side effects and in the human trial I ran on the compound in 2010 there were no side effects.  For more information on 1-Andro checkout the article I wrote about it here.


AMS DECAVOLDecavol converts into Deca which is a semi wet prohormone and some consider it the best mass building prohormone. The presence of DHT will dry it out to make it even more effective at maintaining mass and possibly gaining some mass while shedding the fat.


LG SCIENCES EPIANDROEpiandosterone is a prohormone which converts to DHT and acts like the DHT hormone I described above.  It will dry out the rest of the cycle and cut fat off your body directly.


17-ProAndro is a prohormone which converts into a DHT molecule not dissimilar to Winstrol in function. It like Epiandosterone should dry out your whole cycle.


Ghenerate is not a prohormone but stimulates the ghrelin receptor in a manner similar to GHRP-6 and is superior to injectable hGH. If your goal is to burn fat and preserve muscle this is an essential component to your arsenal.


For the best pre made cutting cycle check out the LG Sciences Cutting Andro Kit



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Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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