Best Chest Workout

Ladies and Gentleman, can I have your attention please…. Thats what a huge chest says. It’s strange, but you hear all this talk of arms and legs and what not but the single biggest thing that sets a guy apart is an enormous chest. “How much do you bench” is a question thrown around a lot, but the irony is good benching comes from big triceps not chests. So I’m going to give you the very best chest workout.

Making a Great Chest

A great chest comes from contracting the pec against resistance and handling savage amounts of weight. The heavy weight makes the white fibers grow, and and the weight you can handle with a press is much much greater than an isolation move since you have your shoulders and arm muscles to help out with the load, additionally you can use intention method on a barbell; squeezing the bar together through the chest portion of the lift and pulling the bar apart at the top to engage the triceps. This helps a ton.

In regards to contracting the chest, cables seem to require an amount of coordination few people have. I fell the fly to be insufficient at stimulating the inner chest as the purpose of the fly motion is to have a contraction of the chest and the point at which you would be contracting the chest the most, when your hands are touching, the weight is not acting on the chest any longer, only on the bones and joints. This is because gravity acts in a straight down fashion, and when you complete the fly motion the weight is directly over the arm with all the weight being supported by the muscle and joints not the pec muscle.

A pec deck, like cables offers continuous resistance, so there is as much force at the stretched position as the contracted position working the muscle in ways free weights can’t. But unlike free weights or cables pec decks are on a fixed plane requiring less coordination but also less control. For this reason beginners should use a pec deck and of course not extend their arms to the point that they feel a stretch, save that for the 30 seconds immediately after the exercise, just let the arms of the pec deck gently stretch your arms, not moderate or hard. The purpose is blood flow restriction for 30 seconds then let your arms hang for 15-30 seconds and let your body fill up with blood for your next set.

Angles of Chest Training

There is a basic convention that an incline works the upper chest or clavicular head of the pec, and the decline works the sternal or lower head. Truth is the more you incline the more shoulders it is, with Decline your stronger and it works the chest through a more natural arc.
Additionally I get plenty of upper chest activation on declines as well as triceps. So if you have a small chest then Decline is the way to go, I personally had a low chest so I worked on incline a lot to make my chest higher.  I’m not sure it was the best theory

The Best Chest Workout

Pec Deck
3 sets of 20 reps with a 2 second Hold at contracted position
Once again you can work a constant tension of the outer and inner chest. Keep your shoulders back as much as possible to keep the shoulders out of the action and make the chest the primary muscle. Arching your back helps. Another advantage is the pec deck is much easier to spot you for forced reps and negatives, but we don’t do them on this exercise this workout

Decline Bench
4 x 6-8 reps
This is THE grind time. The Dorian Yates special. Push the arms together while squeezing the bar. this is called intention method and engages the chest. IF the bar stops try pulling the bar apart and flaring your elbows out to the sides instead of pointing towards your feet like you did on the descent. This DOES get upper chest and it targets triceps very well while leaving your shoulder out of it.

Incline Flys
SS with
Incline Presses
4 x 8, 8
What you do is set the incline on a 6 and do 8 flys then with the same weight immediately do preses. This isolates the chest and works it to near exhaustion then converts it to a compound with the presses, the extra strength and endurance in the shoulders and triceps help give an additional 8 reps. your total reps should fail between 12-16 reps, if you get all 8 and 8 reps its way to light.

Cable Crossover
4 x 10, failure
Same Idea but this is a straight angled version. With the cables you contract the chest in isolation and use very light weight, hold each rep for 2 seconds in the contracted position, then immediately drop and do pushups to failure. If you’re only getting 5 or less do the pushups on your knees or against a bench so its easier.

I know you want to do more. Don’t. Do this for 3 weeks, the cut the sets in half the 4th week. Then start it again the next month with an extra set per exercise. Keep doing that. Every workout your strength should increase 1-2%. This means if you do decline bench for 250 lbs the every week or two you add a 2.5 lb plate to each side. THATS IT!

All sets to failure. If you get more reps that you’re supposed to the set does not count, the weight was to light. If you fail with less reps than the intended amount by 1 or 2 then you’re doing it right, so 4 sets of 6-8 reps might be 8 or 9 sets, but only the ones where you absolutely failed before 8 reps but with more than 6 reps count.

In cub scouts and when your mom is in charge you’re a superstar for trying, but in my house you only got rewarded for succeeding. Trying and not succeeding is called failing, and failures don’t get rewarded. In the gym the only sets that count are the sets you fail on. And in the gym, in my current house I’m a champion because I fail every god damn set. The gym is the only place where your only a champ if you’re a failure and thats why I love the gym so much!;)


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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