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If I have been asked once, I have been asked 1000 times “How did you get your chest to grow?” My answer is, I don’t have to work hard on it myself because it just grows easy. That being said, I have trained thousands of people and athletes over the past 20 plus years in training so I have come against more than my share of stubborn pec’s! I rarely lose when it comes to these things because I have analyzed and broken things down for the past 33 years of working out myself. By seeing what causes people to have issues, I have been able to take corrective courses of action. The causes of poor growth are numerous, but I have broken it down into 3 main things. 1) Nutritional deficiency 2) Postural issues 3) Genetics. So what does this mean to you you may ask? Read more to find the answer!

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Best Chest Workout Routine: Fixing The Flaws

Lets start with the most obvious flaw that you cannot fix, GENETICS! You may curse God, but it won’t change the hand you’re dealt. So now that we understand that, you CAN however, MAXIMIZE your genetic potential. It’s a limitation, not an excuse. So on to the nutrition aspect. To use an analogy, would a brick mason use the worst bricks or the best bricks to build a wall? Of course, the would use the best bricks to build it given their choice. So if you are building a wall(muscle), should you use the best food or the worst food? I think that answer is apparent so I will go no further. That leaves us with posture. This is where I see the most issues with development. Because most of our world is an information society and we  live hunched over computers, we have a bunch of forward head having, internally rotated people. So how does this awful posture affect chest development? It makes it nearly impossible to isolate your pecs period. So you have to make sure to put your body in the best bio-mechanical position to isolate pecs and that is with shoulder blades retracted and depressed. This combats internal rotation and forward head at the same time, thus allowing the pec to stretch and endure more stress and perhaps even grow!

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Shoulder and pectoral stretch

Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

One way to fix these issues is to deal with them by stretching the shortened muscles(pecs) and strengthening the weak scapular retractors (rhomboids and medial traps) and depressors (lower traps, lats, and subclavius). By doing simple doorway stretches, you can eliminate much of the shortness in the pecs. After gaining range of motion, you need to also practice proper posture always to encourage the CNS to adjust neurologic signaling to avoid the body falling into familiar patterns. To further reinforce some of this, weight needs to be lightened up to the point that the chest exercises can be performed properly while the shoulder blades are in their anatomically correct position. There are a host of things to consider like gleno-humeral rhythm but that is for another conversation all together. The key is to get length and tension relationships to where they should be. When I teach this in the gym, clients never fail to say “But I feel weird doing it this way or standing this way!” Well, congratulations, you have done it correctly so it shoukd feel weird after years of doing it poorly.

Best Chest Workout Routine

Pre- workout: 1 scoop Intrafuse and 2 scoops Wyked 3.0 and 1 scoop Nocturnus 30 mins before training.

Intra-workout: 1 scoop Intrafuse

Post workout: 1 scoop Intrafuse

Warm-up on bike 5 mins

Doorway stretch 5 mins

Incline DB Press (scapula retracted and depressed) 4 x 8-12 reps rest 2 mins

Incline DB Fly (scapula retracted and depressed) 4 x 8-12 reps rest 2 mins

Machine Chest Press (scapula retracted and depressed) 4 x 8-12 reps rest 2 mins

Machine Fly (scapula retracted and depressed) 4 x 8-12 reps rest 2 mins.

Scapular Push Ups 4 x 15 reps rest 2 mins



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