Best Chest Workout For Size

The best chest workout for size would be one with a ton of volume in the medium-heavy weight range.  6-12 reps is the range of reps which best work the Type 2B muscle fibers. These are your strength, size, and speed fibers and they are the ones that swell the most when they are loaded with glycogen. It’s this glycogen which makes them white. Hence the name white fibers.

To swell white fibers we want to pump a ton of water in them. This causes the fascia that surrounds muscle to stretch allowing those muscles to get bigger. To force water into the fibers we need creatine, carbohydrates and amino acids. All of those are transported into the muscle cell by the Glut 4 transporter. This transporter can be increased with insulin (from ingesting carbs) or from a number of ingredients I put in the new mid workout drink Half Time. Half Time is designed to load glycogen into the muscle while you train without any insulin release. It works perfect with Wyked 2.1 pre workout which helps open the vessels to get as much nutrients to the muscles as possible and the use of T2 which signals the Type 2B fibers to swell as well. These 3 things together gives an unbelievable pump when coupled with this medium-heavy rep range of 6-12 reps.

The Best Chest Workout For Size

Pre workout:
*1-3 scoops Wyked 2.1 + 1-3 scoops Nocturnus. Shoot for 4 total scoops.

*T2: 0.1 ml. If you don’t smell like ammonia after you lift then next time ue 0.15 and keep increasing by 0.05 ml until you reach a normal dose of 0.3. if at any time you smell like cat pee increase your carbs post workout by 200 g. It’s the extra food and T2 which cause you to increase your white fiber size with T2 instead of T2 burning fat.

Make sure you’re in a calorie surplus or you may not grow anything. If your scale weight is increasing by 0.5 to 1.0 lbs per week you’re doing it right assuming you’re looking better every week. Using T2 and not eating enough will make your chest smaller not bigger so be sure to get enough carbs in to take advantage of T2’s white fiber switching benefits! You will likely need 1000 extra calories if you’re on a full 0.3 ml dose of T2.

*Warm up on tread mill 10 minutes

*Use bands to contract your middle back and prepare your chest for work. If you don’t have one use 3 x 20 rear pec deck to get your middle back muscles ready.

Pec Deck

2 x 20
This is just for the pump not to failure, I’m trying to use the Wyked 2.1 to get the T2 to your chest before you start your work sets so when you drink your Half Time it goes straight to your pecs!!

Decline BB Press
4 x 12, 10, 8, 6 (drop for 20 reps)
It is a bit safer than incline BB press and it is the most comfortable bench. It targets upper chest as well as lower chest and triceps while keeping your fragile shoulders out of it.

Incline Hammer Strength
4 x 6-8 with forced negatives
This is where after you get 6 perfect reps and can’t get a 7th, your partner helps you get the weight up, then pushes DOWN on it while you fight the decent.

Flat Fly
Super set with
Flat Presses
4 x 6-8, failure

The flys specifically target the pecs, and the regression to a press allows the triceps and delts to help out with the load.
Super Set
3 x 20, 20

This should give you the final pump up so that your post workout protein and carbs go right to the chest and supporting muscles so you grow!

Every week go up in weight or add a set. More sets means more volume and volume creates size.

If size isnt your primary goal check out the Best Chest Workout!

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