What are the Best Non-Hormonal Bodybuilding Supplements?

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What are the Best Non-Hormonal Bodybuilding Supplements?

You don’t have to look to prohormones or even to testosterone boosters to improve your muscle gains from training. Some supplements fall under the category of non-hormonal anabolics (NHA). These supplements are not hormones or prohormones and they are not categorized as testosterone boosters but they still increase muscle gains by some other means.

Non-hormonal anabolics

Ecdysterone extracts are a major contender in this category of supplements. Ecdysterones are actually a group of sunbstances that can be extracted from certain plants, and they can be referred to on a whole as ecdysterone, although often when people talk about ecdysterone they are referring to 20b-hydroxyecdysterone (beta-ecdysterone), a specific ecdysterone. Ecdysterone increases protein synthesis leading to greater muscle growth and seems to significantly improve recovery, allowing the user to train more intensely and frequently while still being able to recover for their next training session. Some users have also experienced fat loss and fuller muscles while using ecdysterone products, likely as a result of some type of nutrient partitioning effect. Users of ecdysterone have shown mixed results, which is probably a result of the quality of the extracts that were used. Quite a few ecdysterone based products have excellent acecdotal evidence supporting their effects.

Other non-hormonal anabolics

Other supplements considered non-hormonal anabolics are turkesterone, arachidonic acid, and adaptogens such as rhodiola and schizandra. Turkesterone is a very promising ingredient, but good extracts can be difficult to come across and expensive as well, which is why you may not see turkesterone included in very many supplements. Arachidonic acid seems to be an effective and popular non-hormonal anabolic that basically works by intensifying the body’s response to weight training. A couple of downsides with arachidonic acid are that it increases muscle soreness following a workout so the user will need additional recovery time, and it also increases inflammation in the body. There are many choices for adaptogens which work by helping to body adapt to stress. whether that stress is physical or mental. While they are not the most powerful non-hormonal anabolic, adaptogens can help the user avoid overtraining and improve endurance.

If you would like to improve your natural muscle gains from training, there are many non-hormonal anabolic supplements available on the supplement market today that can help. Ecdysterone based products and arachidonic acid seem to be the current leaders in the non-hormonal anabolic category of supplements. With all of these options available, you no longer need to take pro-hormones or even testosterone boosters to improve your muscle gains from hard training!


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