The Best Bodybuilding Plan For Results Bodybuilding Plan 101 in 2015


It has been said numerous times that failing to plan is planning to fail. I have see it for the past 30 years in fitness daily. People will come up with the most grandiose of plans and have absolutely zero direction on how to achieve the results they want. It is literally like driving from Florida to Alaska without a road map or GPS. Will you get there? Maybe, maybe not. If you do manage to arrive in one piece, I guarantee it won’t be the most efficient route possible. My job for more than 20 years was being an excellent map maker. I was the  guy who could see where you are now, and knew where you wanted to get. Through many trials and tribulations, some successes, and many failures, I may have learned a thing or two. I am not a victim of crazy advertising when it comes to buying horse shit products, at least not those related to health and fitness. I see some of the best pitches that would make a snake oil salesman blush. Straight bullshit. So funny and people will keep hitting the buy button after watching some celebrity schlep some horseshit on late night TV. This is a billion dollar per year plus industry and there are plenty of sharks swimming that want to separate you from your hard earned cash. So how does one go about deciphering what is good and bad? That is what I will teach you in simple terms. I’m not going to complicate things to show how smart I am. I like the KISS principle(keep it simple stupid).

Bodybuilding Plan 101: Ingredients For Success


How many working parts are in a successful program? 3 as I see it. 1) A well planned resistance program is one part. 2) Cardiovascular exercise is another part. 3) The last leg of this triad would be the most important part, NUTRITION!!! You can do numbers one and two perfectly and if you fail at number three, the whole thing comes tumbling down. I have seen people literally bust their ass in the gym lifting for an hour, grind out 45 minutes of cardio, and look like a pile of s**t because they eat like s**t! You quite literally are what you eat. I see people who work really hard and I see the frustration on their faces. I have competed in bodybuilding since 1987. I am also a clinical dietitian, and RD(Registered Dietitian to be exact). RD’s are the accepted experts in nutrition. In many states it is illegal to dispense diet advice unless you are a doctor or an RD. My years in bodybuilding taught me far more in how to peel body fat off a body than any text book learning I did. You must eat mostly REAL, WHOLE food period, end of discussion. If you can’t do this, you wont be lean and healthy. I have heard every excuse as to why people can’t do it and frankly they are all bullshit. Where there is a will, there is always a way. I have worked 14 hour days, got up at 3:15 to go do an hour of cardio, still prepped all my food and lifted HARD. All this on about 3 hours of sleep per night prepping for shows and being a husband and a father. So I hate the “I don’t have time BS!”

Bodybuilding Plan 101: What About Supplements?

Humapro 90 Serving

I love this industry. Don’t get me wrong. This is how I make a living. Remember, a supplement is “in addition too.” The problem with most people is they buy every BS gimmick in hopes that it will magically make them Arnold Schwarzenegger. It won’t, but supplements have come such a long way that they can fill in some big holes in a **itty nutrition plan. It boils down to what are the best supplements to use that support you intended goal. It makes little sense for an obese person to use a weight gain formula. Just like the average person in the gym doesn’t need hydrolyzed whey or casein. The people who train hard and either compete or train hard like a competitor, they have another et of needs all together. Think of it like a car. You can drive on regular tires in you Ford Focus but you better have some bad ass tires on your Porsche 911 Twin Turbo. The demands on the car(body) are totally different. Hard training athletes need a few things in my opinion. Lets cover the staples: 1) A quality multi-vitamin. I don’t care how well you eat, food is often full of macro-nutrients but usually lack the micro-nutrients due to farming practices and food processing. Without these vital minerals and vitamins, many enzymatic processes are compromised in our bodies. 2) High quality protein supplement. I prefer to use whole food mainly, but I am a big advocate of whey isolate. It has a great profile of nutrients, its low fat, low carb, and high in quality protein. 3) Carbohydrate replacement powder. I use different products, my current is ALRI Glyco-Infusion. 4) BCAA powder. I use this in my intra-workout mix. I personally use 60 grams of ALRI Glyco-Infusion with 20 grams of ALRI Chain’d Out during my workout. Post I use ALRI Humapro right now. My current pre-workout is a rotation between Wyked 2.1 and  APS Mesomorph Rocket Pop(flavor is amazing) and 25 grams APS Isomorph whey isolate protein. I like this combination because IT WORKS!!! I get people all the time arguing over EAA are better than BCAA. Yeah, maybe, but not in the face of 350 grams of high quality dietary protein I eat daily. My amino acid pool is loaded. I like the Leucine trigger to the mTOR pathway. I do believe people go a bit over the top with 10:1:1 ratio of leucine to iso-leucine to valine. A 2:1:1 ratio is great and has been researched over time. I also supplement with a variety of different things to maintain health and longevity like Pycnogenol, magnesium, tumeric, and a host of herbs and adaptogens. These are just my own add on’s, but not necessary to reach a body composition goal.

Bodybuilding Plan 101: Putting It All Together


I always joke with people that bodybuilding isn’t rocket science. Having said that, it also isn’t easy; There is a definite process that needs to be adhered to to get optimal results. In my experience, people have a tough time being consistent. That is one major reason I had a job training people for 20 plus years. Here is a rundown of my daily meal plans heading into the 2015 Masters Nationals Bodybuilding where I placed 4th in SHW over 40 class.


Meal 1: 5 whole free range eggs and 1/2 cup oatmeal w/ stevia w/multi vitamin and APS Creatine monohydrate 10 grams.

Meal 2: 55 gram APS Isomorph(whey isolate) 1.5 tablespoons natural peanut butter

Pre-workout: 1 scoop Mesomorph, 25 grams APS Isomorph(whey isolate), 30 grams ALRI Glyco-Infusion

Intra-workout: 20 grams ALRI Chain’d Out with 60 grams ALRI Glyco-Infusion

Post-workout: 25 grams APS Isomorph(whey isolate) and 30 grams oatmeal. 

Meal 4: 8 oz grass fed beef small salad w/2 tablespoons macadamia nut oil

Meal 5: 55 gram APS Isomorph(whey isolate) 1.5 tablespoons natural peanut butter

Meal 6: 5 whole free range eggs, 1 cup liquid egg whites,  2 cups broccoli

I followed this plan the last 4 weeks before the show in July in Pittsburgh. I really liked the pre, intra, and post meals. I packed in a lot of calories in that 2 hours and yet it just fed anabolism. That is the art of understanding how to best use food and supplements to gain every possible advantage you can. My diet is mostly based on whole foods year round, but it gets harder to eat the closer I get to shows. I am the opposite of most people. When my calories and carbs go down, I tend to lose my appetite. This is where supplements benefit me the most. I use a variety of things through out the year as well. I will discuss off season nutrition and supplements in a future article. I hope people find these recommendations helpful. I know the most difficult part of trying to get a supplement regimen down is actually understanding what works and why. I will continue to expand on these concepts over the weeks and months that follow.


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