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Prohormones can be the best thing for your body if you stick with the natural ones!  Unfortunately there are a list of them sold by unscrupulous people that are not natural in the body and cause major issues such as liver damage, cardiovascular damage and inflammation.  Androcycle only gives you the best information on natural prohormones while exposing the truth about chemically altered, unnatural steroids being sold as dietary supplements.

Natural Is Best

Natural prohormones don’t have the negative side effects of their chemically altered cousins.  They are much more reasonable in terms of safety and also in terms of effects.  Chemically altered prohormones like H-Drol, Halodrol, Epistane, MethylStenbolone and others cause a whole series of issues with the body.

Inflammation is one key difference between natural compounds and foreign chemicals.  The chemically altered steroids cause massive inflammation of various tissues.  Inflammation of this kind is not good for you in any way and could cause serious problems.

Liver damage occurs in people who take chemically altered prohormones because they are usually 17aMethyl products and resist liver metabolism.  A small amount of this can cause liver shut down or even death, depending the current state of your liver.

Cardiovascular damage is another major area that chemical andro prohormones do their damage to the body.  Chemically altered andro prohormones cause heart damage by raising blood pressure and also may actually damage the blood vessels themselves.

The natural andro that we suggest and review here does not have these negative side effects and in fact are good for you.  They put your body in the perfect state to help you gain muscle along with proper diet and exercise.

Best Andro Prohomones 2013

Not every product or hormone works for every person.  It’s often important to find the right andro prohormone that your body is missing and responds best to, so here is a list of the options.


1 andro prohormoneThis is the classic “1-AD” andro prohormone that converts into 1-Testosterone in the body.  1-Andro is a good prohormone for anyone looking for lean gains, medium strength gains and low side effects since it doesn’t cause hair loss or estrogen symptoms at all in the vast majority of people.

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4-Andro Prohormone SupplementThis is the original “andro” prohormone that started it all.  This andro prohormone converts into testosterone.  Many men, love how they look and feel on extra testosterone since it helps offset the chemical estrogens that are in our environment. 4-Andro is mild as well and is very low in side effects.

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This new comer is a pheromone found in elephants and is a natural andro also found in men.  It’s a very potent hormone that is different from most others in how it functions.  It is very anabolic and has much less androgenic effects.  This is a good choice for anyone wanting to put on mass.


PH17_liquid_largeThis progestin based prohormone has been compared in effects to winstrol. It is very mild and does not have the aggression associated with other andro based prohormones.







This is a prohormone to boldenone which is a mild prohormone that may help increase hunger so you can eat more.  This gives you a mild anabolic with very little androgenic effects.

Androsten-3,11,17-dione – 11-Keto

This one is a good anti-cortisol prohormone that is also a mild anabolic.  Many people use 11-Keto because it is very mild and also may help you burn stubborn fat by blocking cortisol.


epiandroThis prohormone to DHT is good for men who want to lean out and who love getting really intense in the gym.  Epiandro may cause some hair loss symptoms in men who are prone to such things, but it is a very strong prohormone for helping lean out and gain strength.

This is a short round up of the legal andro prohormones on the market.  While this is not a list of illegal, chemically altered steroids, we don’t support or condone the illegal use of steroids or chemically altered grey market products.  Chemically altered products are not found in the body and cause many side effects and also jeopardize the entire industry.  Just recently a huge article was written on the maker of “superdrol” and how the US needs tighter regulation.  The more people keep buying illegal steroid products sold as andro, the less likely men over 21 will have access to real, natural andro that is good for your health (in our opinion).

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What Is The Best Andro Prohormone of 2013

The answer is…

It depends.  If you want mass and strength then a combination of 1-Andro and 4-Andro are your best bet.  If you want a combination of strengh while leaning out then epiandro plus 1-Andro makes a good choice.

Also, delivery makes a big difference. Under the tongue products either liquid or tablet work the best,  but there are also a ton of good pills out that have great effects.

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