Herbal Ergogenics: Bergenin

Body Builder PosingBergenin is found in many plants of the genus Bergenia, as well as some plants of the genera Astilbe, Ardisia, Mallotus, and Flueggea. Bergenin containing plants have been used for thousands of years in India for many different purposes. Uses of bergenin in traditional medicine include to treat obesity, asthma, ulcers, as an anti-inflammatory, liver detoxifier, and an expectorant.

A limited amount of research has shown Bergenin to be useful for encouraging fat loss and preventing fat gain. Bergenin has been found oppose the insulin-induced storage of glucose as fat, so it may be useful for preventing fat gain when an individual is eating a surplus of carbohydrate calories. Bergenin has also been found to enhance the effects of norepinephrine on fat break down, leading to greater body fat breakdown and possibly more fat burned as opposed to glucose or protein when an individual is eating on a caloric deficit. Bergenin has some additional benefits as well. Bergenin has been shown to aid in liver detoxification, act as a anti-inflammatory and protect against arthritis, act as an expectorant, relieve asthma, stimulate the immune system, and may also have use in the treatment and prevention of ulcers.

Bergenin is often included in thermogenic fat burners along with ingredients that stimulate norepinephrine release for its ability to enhance the breakdown of fat by this hormone. Bergenin may also be purchased by itself as an extract of Bergenia root.


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