Benefits of Testosterone

There are numerous benefits of testosterone. It is the parent male hormone and does a plethora of different things in the body to improve you. Although it and it’s metabolite DHT are critical for sexual maturation and development of a male human from a female prototype starting as a fetus, we will narrow our discussion to fully grown adult humans, the population who should be considering testosterone supplementation.

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Medical Society

Medical society was all up in arms against testosterone and ‘steroids’ during the 1980’s after the baseball craze. Like Marijuana in the early part of the 20th century, the government and media were getting all their education from each other and nothing from science. Because of this the AMA stood by while the name of testosterone was dragged through the mud, and the concept that steroids were bad for you and steroid users are bad people was implanted in the american mind.

Now that Androgel is a profitable pharmaceutical manufactured to increase testosterone needle free, there was a market so doctors created a syndrome called “low T”. This is to hide from the patient that they are actually taking steroids. They justify this by saying that the normal effects of aging are a ‘syndrome’ and that you need this medication for the rest of your life to be healthy. A medicine they have been saying for 30 years is bad for you you now need to be healthy! Interesting, has nothing to do with the invention of a needle free delivery mechanism? Right.

Legal Alternative

Testosterone is illegal to have without a prescription (10 years prison, like a violent crime) and most of the prescribers don’t really have an idea how to prescribe it. It should be a blood draw after 7 am before 9 am and if the total level comes back less than an arbitrary 240 then you’re eligible for treatment. A minimum of 200 mg of Testosterone (cyp) per week is what I feel is necessary, any less and all it will do is shut down your natural testosterone production;  taking foreign hormones shuts off natural production and is referred to as “shut down”

If you don’t have the means to see a doctor or you’re like me and you want it done right, then you have to do it yourself. I have a plethora of products that give your the benefits of testosterone needle and prescription free. They are prohormones which convert to testosterone or 1-testosterone.

Testosterone is a major hormone you need to live, and 4-Andro is a precursor or “prohormone” to testosterone. It can be taken as a pill, or even better under the tongue as a dissolving tablet. This is less complicated than a needle and without the need of special training in how to give a shot. The sublingual or under the tongue version is the best of both worlds, you get almost as good absorption as you would with a needle but the convenience of using a pill.

1-Testosterone comes from the prohormone 1-Andro. It should have NO side effects since it does not get broken down into estrogen and DHT by your body. Estrogen and DHT are where side effects come from, not testosterone it’s self.


4-Andro —> testosterone: main male hormone, need for life. its metabolites estrogen and DHT give some side effects to some people when to much is used.  Form-XT removes side effects from estrogen

1-Andro—->1-Testosterone; only works like Testosterone in the chart in the first video, does not work on normal hormonal function; it is just for building muscle. But, since it doesn’t convert to DHT or Estrogen, there should be no side effects.


Testosterone (4-AD) DHT (Epiandro;17 pro) Estrogen (birth control pills) Cortisol (prednisone)
Mass  ++  0 (+++ anabolic oral steroids)        +    – –
Strength  + ++        –     – –
Sex Drive  ++ +        +++    0
Aggression  + ++        +    0
Fat Loss  + ++         – –     – –
Mental Clarity   + ++         ?     –
Hair Loss  if genes are there + If genes are there ++        0    0


If you’re worried about natural shutdown use Rise and Swell while you’re using your 4-andro. I designed Rise and Swell to keep your testosterone production up and running while your “on cycle”. Then when you come off if you want to preserve normal functioning then start using Form XT and Rise and Swell. 1-AD shouldn’t cause shutdown but Use Rise and Swell just in case.

I have written several articles about this: Should I use Prohormones?, Your First Prohormone Cycle etc. Check those out if your interested in prohormones!!

Click here to get your 4-AD or here for 1-AD!

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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