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Beastdrol is banned. What are the alternative prohormone optionsBeastdrol Review: Beastdrol is one of the many clones of the illegal Superdrol. The original manufacturer made claims that Superdrol was the safest pro-hormone available, until high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and liver damage was reported with use. After this, the producer then stood by the claim that Superdrol was a potent product that was toxic to at risk users. If you are considering supplementing Beastdrol, you might want to consider the following.

Beastdrol Structure and Side-effects

All Superdrol clones will have the compound “2a,17a-dimythl” written in it with another DHT compound stringed behind it. As a DHT based steroid, its effects are going to be both highly dry and androgenic. Superdrol has a long half-life because it makes it through the “first pass liver metabolism” making it more concentrated in the blood than other steroids. Beastdrol doesn’t convert into estrogen metabolites, therefore, is often stacked with a wet hormone to reduce side effects and increase muscle building properties. Most common side effects of Beastdrol are acne, hair loss, joint pain, back pumps, aggressive moods, and natural testosterone shut down. Harsh side effects include: altered cholesterol, high blood pressure spikes, prostate enlargement, and liver stress. If you have a history of heavy drinking or drug use, you should not use Beastdrol. Any use of alcohol, drugs, or pain medication may severely elevate side effects. Beastdrol should be taken with caution and is not recommended to anyone under 21.

Beastdrol Muscle Building Effects

Muscle gains made on Beastdrol are very low and are not likely to be kept after the cycle is over. This is because the muscle gained is from inter-cellular water. Beastdrol has the ability to inhibit 11-hydroxylase making the athletes retain water in the cell. This isn’t to be confused with subcutaneous edema (bloat) caused from an estrogen compound. When the cycle is over, the 11-Hydroxylase levels balance out and the water is purged from the muscle. Although you may have gained between 18-20lbs during the cycle, only 10lbs may be real muscle. With that being said, 10lbs is fair “net gains”, but it is outweighed by the side effects and risk of serious liver damage. Beastdrol is a highly potent steroid and does increase muscle and strength, but it’s paid for by the cost of your health.

A better solution than Beastdrol

The ideal solution for building solid gains that are kept is supplementing natural hormones such as 3bhydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one and 5ahydroxyprogesterone. This stack that can produce 8-12lbs of muscle mass in a 30 day cycle. Unlike the 18lbs gained after 3 weeks, the 8-12lbs are kept once stopped. These compounds also convert into testosterone. Testosterone is the body’s master hormone for builder muscle. Unlike Beastdrol, the side effects are well studied and you are able to know what to expect. Testosterone doesn’t come with hard side effects like altered cholesterol and back pumps. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about damaging you liver and looking like a “roid head” when you lose all of your water retention.

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