Herbal Ergogenics: Banaba Leaf

muscled guy with medicine ballThe leaves of banaba, also known as Lagerstroemia Speciosa and Lythraceae, have been used for many years in the Philippines to treat diabetes and kidney related diseases. Banaba contains quite a few constituents that are believed to have health benefits, but corosolic acid is believed to be the main active constituent.

The most common uses of banaba are as a fat loss and recompositioning aid and for controlling blood glucose levels. Banaba has been shown act in a manner similar to insulin in lowering blood sugar levels. This makes banaba of benefit not only to those with high blood glucose levels, but also to performance and physique athletes. Supplementing with banaba may lead to less ingested carbohydrates stored as body fat and more carbohydrates stored as glycogen in skeletal muscle. Banaba may actually inhibit the storage of calories as fat, and it is also believed to curb appetite. Banaba may have some additional benefits as well. Research suggests that banaba may act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, and may support liver health.

Banaba is included in many weight loss and blood glucose control supplements for its ability to act as an insulin mimetic. Banaba may also be purchased as a single ingredient in capsules or bulk powder.


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