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Natalie AbrheimHave you ever walked into a gym and been captivated by someone’s work ethic and drive? That’s how I felt when I first laid eyes on Natalie Abrhiem at Lifetime Fitness in Shelby Township!

No talking, no wasted time, no smiles…(those come after training)

Just sweat, weights and hard work!

If you haven’t seen Natalie train it’s something to behold. This woman is an inspiration to all people in the gym! The first thing that impressed me was her reputation for hard work. Natalie takes her career as seriously as she does her training.

Natalie is a good role model for personal trainers everywhere. She is all business in the gym yet still polite. She let’s you know that she is not there to socialize and that there is serious training going on but she isn’t rude or bitchy.

All that hard work shows in her career and her contest record. For a woman to have a full career with a dynamic company like Lifetime Fitness and still compete, there isn’t a moment of wasted time. Anyone who watches Natalie can see the focus and intensity.

  • Her competition record is impressive:
  • 2010-Michigan 1st
  • 2010-orange county classic 10th place
  • 2013-15th muscle contest
  • 2015-Puerto Rico 15th
  • 2015-Ferrigno 16th
  • 2013-Pittsburgh pro 15th

She is currently in contest prep for the Toronto Pro SuperShow June 4th and 5th.

Mind and Muscle sent her some questions to give people some insights this amazing athlete:

Natalie Abrheim PosingWhat do you do for Lifetime Fitness?

1) I currently manage our nutrition programs/services also known as the nutrition program coordinator. My current role involves building habit based approach for our members versus just providing a meal plan.

I also offer 1:1 training, group training, and working with aspiring fitness competitors.

How did you get started in this lifestyle?

2) I’ve had a Lifetime Fitness membership since I was 14 years old and truly love training! I’ve always admired athletes tenacity and commitment. When I started college I pursued a pre-med program and had every intention to enter the medical field. While in college I worked for Lifetime as a trainer. I quickly discovered I wanted to work on the preventative end. I have to say I have found gratification with helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.

Tell us your competition history?

3) I started competing in 2010 as a bikini competitor with the NPC and absolutely fell in love with the feminine aspect of this division. I received professional status in the IFBB at Team Universe in my first year competing.

How many people do you train per day?

4) It depends on the day typically 6-8 1:1 clients, but if I have groups it can be anywhere from 15-20 along with my 1:1 clients.

Are your clients typically average people or competitors?

5) Mostly average people.

What do you do to keep your motivation high?

6) I remind myself of how many people look to me for support and how important it is to lead from the front. I’ve always identified a strong physique as a status symbol, it can’t be bought it’s only earned and this keeps me going. Another large motivation or my why is my mom. My father has always been super active and my mom has not. As a kid growing up this definitely upset me because she couldn’t keep up with us when we went on vacation and par take in physical play with us. This cuts me deep so I have to say keeping my quality of life is my huge motivation !

Where do you get all of that energy?

7) haha! I have no idea it must be my Beyoncé playlist every morning ! My inner strength and enthusiasm come from my faith and my relationship with the man upstairs. I know I found my purpose and I have the ability to contribute to communities and organizations. I love empowering others because it translates to every aspect of their lives!

What are you long term goals?

8)) Ah my long term goal is to inspire individuals happiness comes before becoming successful. You have to be happy in order to be successful, not the other way around. This is conducive to everything we do! Health is not just your physique and your body fat, it’s your happiness and it’s finding your purpose. If I can help someone to achieve Maslow’s theory of self actualization then I have made a positive contribution to humanity as a whole.

I want to change the game in the industry. I would love to change people’s mindset and approach to how they achieve their goals versus the traditional approach. If it’s not long term or sustainable stay away folks. Your why has to be greater then your how and you will succeed!

What supplements do you take?

  • Multi-vitamin
  • fish oil
  • cal/Mag
  • circumin
  • probiotic
  • vitamin d
  • vegan protein (I’m dairy intolerant)
  • evening primrose
  • l-tyrosine

Favorite/Most Hated lift?

Favorite is deadlift – hated is chest press

If you find your way out to Shelby Township and happen to be by Lifetime Fitness, stop in and see Natalie…just don’t catch her during training or you’ll be talking to the hand. 😉

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