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Jason Statler 2
Jason Statler

Lansing, MI

Age: 26
Gym: Powerhouse East Lansing
2014 NPC Western Michigan: 1st Place True Novice, 1st Place Novice, 4th Place Open Middleweight
2015 NPC John Simmons Classic: 1st Place Open Middleweight
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What Got You Into Lifting?  I first got into lifting through sport specific training for high school and college football.  I fell in love with training from the first day because of the energy rush and sense of well being that tough workouts give us all.  At this time, my training focused on heavy compound movements and explosiveness.  Over time and as my football career came to a close, I geared my training toward more isolation movements.

What Is Your Philosophy?  My philosophy has always stressed that correct form must first.  I’ve experimented over the years with various training protocols (5X5, German Volume Training, Time Under Tension) and I’ve found that correct form and an emphasis on intensity will yield results with any program you wish to implement.

What Got You Into Competing?  I was fortunate to have a great friend, mentor and successful competitor in Jake Brannan at my gym.  Jake took me under his wing and showed me the ins and outs of the bodybuilding lifestyle with correct diet, supplementation, training, and posing.  My body responded well to the training and being a competitive person, I had been looking for an avenue to compete since my playing days were over.  I made it my goal to train and diet as long as I needed in order to reach a level of size and conditioning that would make me competitive at a state level NPC show.

Future Competition Plans:  I am currently working with legendary IFBB pro Francis Benfatto and I am scheduled to compete in the Classic Bodybuilding division at the Arnold Classic 2016.  Beyond that contest, I plan on competing in the new NPC Classic Physique division.  I am motivated by the great aesthetic bodybuilders of the 1980s and early 1990s like Francis Benfatto, Bob Paris and Lee Labrada.  I admire their attention to fine detail, classical lines, symmetry, proportion, and posing ability.  I aspire to build a physique reminiscent of this classic era of bodybuilding.

I would also like to give a thank you to my sponsors Advanced Muscle Science and Forerunner Labs who produce some of the most effective ergogenic supplements and legal prohormones on the market today.  Many of their great products can be purchased on the Mind and Muscle site.

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