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Athlete Spotlight: Jacob Sahadi



Age: 22 years old Nutritional Sciences student, bodybuilder, and aspiring powerlifter.

Occupation: Nutritional sciences student

Hobbies: Bodybuilder, and aspiring powerlifter.


How I got into lifting: Around the age of 11, my mom started getting into fitness and I had an uncle (Shaun Mirjavadi, as a matter of fact!) who had just started his amateur bodybuilding career and it eventually grew onto me. My uncle was living in Grand Rapids, MI at the time and whenever I would go stay at his place, I’d ALWAYS ask him to take me to the gym with him. When I wasn’t at his place, I would make do with what I had at the time, which was a set of 10lb dumbells, a little barbell that went up to 55lbs and a pull-up bar (which I asked for for my 12th birthday). Since then, I was hooked to the Fe (iron.)
What got me into competing: In my senior year of wresting, I had just lost my blood-round match at regionals in order to go to the state tournament. Like Dan Gable says, “the road to wrestling ends in tears-” I was devastated. I was done with my high school wrestling career and I had no idea what I was going to do with my free time. A couple weeks later, I got a phone call from my uncle and he had recommended I try to compete in bodybuiding since I had a competitive edge. Immediately, I was back in the gym like normal, going hard and heavy under the guidance of my uncle. it was around March 2011 at the time and I had chosen a show in October. I took first in my very first teen bodybuilding show and had loved it ever since.
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Future competition plans: In the year of 2016, I plan on being a guinea pig for the Classic Physique division. I also would like to possibly compete in a Powerlifting meet.
Philosophy: Never stop learning inside and outside of the gym and always strive for improvement.
What supplements do you use: I like many of the products on Mind and Muscle. Considering I am a natural athlete, I like to use Rise and Swell and Wyked pre-workout. Really looking forward to trying Intrafuse for my peri-workout nutrition.


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