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This is Mind and Muscle: Athlete Spotlight. Our first piece was sent in by one of our readers wives, Chelsea Strudgeon for her husband Dan. Dan had no idea that she was doing this; what a sweet wife. So who is Dan Strudgeon? Dan is a personal trainer, father, husband to his wonderful wife Chelsea, and an up and coming amateur bodybuilder. I was impressed with his ability to balance the many things he encounters on a daily basis. He currently trains clients out of South Lyon Powerhouse and the Sports Club of Novi. He is certified through the NASM. If anyone in those areas needs a trainer, I highly recommend Dan. He is a great guy and a great trainer. I know when someone is good because I worked as a very successful trainer for 22 years before moving on this year to Mind and Muscle. Trust me, he is top notch.

What got you into lifting?

I was a scrawny little guy when I was a teenager and I used to admire my cousin IFBB Pro Joe Romine. I started lifting with him and I made some really impressive gains and I was hooked at that point. Just seeing those positive changes made me want to achieve more. I just love getting in the gym and hitting it hard.

What is your philosophy?

It consistency over time. It’s getting in the gym and applying simple principles, sound nutrition, and just being patient. The gains will come if you are doing these basics day in and day out. There is no replacement for simple hard work. My wife asked me if I ever saw myself not lifting, because she couldn’t imagine that. I said ” I don’t ever see myself not lifting weights. It’s just something I love to do, have a need to do.

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What got you into competing?

When I started, I never thought too much about competing. I had seen my cousin Joe was tearing up the scene in Michigan and it just seemed like a natural progression. I did the 2013 Central States placing 1st in the Light-Heavyweight class. I followed that up with a 5th place finish at the 2015 Michigan State Championships. *This years Michigan was the deepest and biggest show this writer had ever competed in, making 5th place a great showing.

Future competition plans?

I am working with Justin Harris of Troponin Nutrition for this off season. I have never used a diet coach before for the off season and I am making really great gains and I am cruising right now. I am eating 715 grams of carbs on my high days. My weight is 220 lbs and I have never been this lean this big before. Justin and I will be looking to pinpoint a show for the 2016 season.

Dan Strudgeon Contact Information:

Anyone interested in Dan for his training services can reach him via email at [email protected] or you can find him at Powerhouse Gym South Lyon or at the Sports Club of Novi.




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