Athlete Spotlight: Chris Girdwood - Mind And Muscle


Chris Girdwood

Chris got into powerlifting because he was the fat kid in school who got tired of being out of shape. He saw Bill Kazmaier on TV doing the Worlds Strongest Man and decided “I can do that someday.” Since that day, Chris wanted to be strong and he has worked toward achieving that goal every day since he started. I know I am not the strongest guy, but I feel pretty good for a guy who trains alone, in garage and have a family and a full time job. Even when I am not training,  I like seeing how far I can push my mind and my body.


28 yrs


5’8″ 210 lbs

Personal Bests:

Squat: 500 lbs

Deadlift: 580 lbs

Bench: 365 lbs




When I started out, I used Westside Barbell Methods.  I felt like this worked well for me, but that also could have been “Newbie” gains. I felt that I needed more sets and reps at the specific movement, so I switched and followed Ed Coan Style training. I train by myself in my garage gym and I always train raw. I like not using equipment. I use Mr. Coan as an online coach. My mentors are as follows; Dan Gree, Chris Duffin, Elite FTS, and obviously Ed Coan.

What got you into competing: 

I wanted to meet more “like minded” lifters and find a “lifters” gym to join. I wanted to test myself where it mattered, on the platform!

Future Plans/Contests:

I am currently preparing for the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio in March of 2016. I am trying to put on as much muscle as possible as we speak so that I can get up into the 220 lb class and compete. Right now, I compete in the 198 lb class.



I use Mind and Muscle products. I did a run with The Basic Mass Stack, Wyked 2.0, and Rise and Swell. The Wyked gave me insane pumps, focus, and energy to get through my training. This is the first pre-workout that I used that didn’t give me the tingles, the jitters. or a headache. This stuff is awesome and you can’t beat the price. The Mass Stack put 4.5 lbs on in 4 weeks, but the amazing thing is my waist went from 36-32 in 4 weeks. These are great products at a great price.


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