Article On Matt Cahill "Superdrol" Marketer Harms Industry

If you have not read the recent article on Matt Cahill, the man responsible for introducing superdrol to the market, you should!  This is an example of what the media will do with someone when they bring illegal products to the market.

Make no mistake, even before being a schedule III anabolic steroid, Superdrol was illegal and harmful to the market.  The issue we always had with Superdrol and M-Drol and other products with “methasteron” in them were marketed as being safe compared to all other steroids on the market.  Everyone was fooled in the beginning until the reports of liver toxicity and cardiovascular damage started pouring in…


Until this industry grows up and starts regulating itself, there will be a host of people who want to slam it by holding up a poster child such as Cahill.   Matt Cahill is just a symptom of an industry who refuses to grow up and realize that unless it changes, there will be nothing left to defend.

Places like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and are just as guilty because they put out and sell products that they know are at worst illegal and at best “questionable” on the legal front.  They carry any manufacturer under the sun that is “hot” no matter what it does to the long term vision of the industry.


The industry is the problem and until we see a clean up of this industry, lead by the retailers, we will see people like Cahill, who watch others get wealthy on illegal or dangerous substances, push the envelope while the retailers claim “ignorance” to the issues.  Supplements like Superdrol, CRAZE and others need to come with stricter warnings and guidelines along with a voluntary “over 18” warning on them.  This could easily be implemented by the major retailers, but they are more interested in short term profits over long term safety for the industry.

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