Andro Increased Muscle Growth with the Prohormone

Strong guy infront of a benchSince the release of Andro there have been different opinions of the effectiveness of this Prohormone. According to some athletes and a handful of researchers- androstenedione didn’t work. But one study says otherwise, with incredibly influential evidence. . .


The word Andro has its origins in the Greek language where the word means male or masculine. In our day in age, when the word Andro is used, it typically refers to steroids in general or specifically Androstenedione by men who are looking to gain size and strength in the gym or on the playing field.

Patrick Arnold

For years, Andro was sold as an over the counter supplement. Some groups have referenced the now infamous Patrick Arnold, supplement innovator and industry catalyst, as the man who introduced Andro to the masses as a supplement. It was legal and widely available and this eventually meant that many professional athletes, including  the also infamous home run champ Mark McGuire.

Androstenedione (Andro) is a direct precursor of testosterone.

By adding two hydrogen atoms to its molecular structure and you have testosterone.  Although an ideal supplement, it seemed to quickly disappear in the body. This led to a misconception that it didn’t work for anyone supplementing it at low doses. If you look carefully though, you’ll find on supplement logs, and message boards all over from experienced bodybuilders who have gotten incredible muscle growth progression with Andro. They all supplemented significantly higher amounts of Andro then the few hundred milligrams recommended by the supplements lines at the time. Massive results were seen with a few grams daily. The research team hand-picked nine men with low testosterone to give the higher doses of Andro too. Each test subject was given 500mg, three times a day. This totaled to 1.5 grams per day for twelve weeks.


The Data

The figures show the effect of Andro supplementation on the total testosterone and the free testosterone concentrations. Free testosterone is not attached to a protein and is active. Half of the ordinary testosterone is attached to the binding protein SHBG and no longer has a muscle-strengthening effect. The rest of the testosterone in the blood is attached to albumin, but it can free itself from this. Because the amount of albumin in the blood increases the more protein you eat, athletes can increase the amount of available testosterone in their body by increasing their protein consumption.

The men ate 1.3 g of protein per kg body weight every day. They didn’t do any weight training. But even so, their fat free mass increased by 1.7 kg during the trail. Their fat mass decreased by half a kilogram.

Now that one step conversion Andro is no longer legal to be sold, there are two step conversion Andro’s that are still getting the job done!

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