Andro Prohormones and Protein

eat protein If you are going to start an andro prohormone cycle it’s important that you have the necessary items on hand to make the most of it.  Prohormones are not going to do the work for you in either the kitchen or the gym, so you need to understand the principles that will make each cycle successful. 


There is no way you are going to see results on a prohormone cycle unless you do the proper kind and amount of exercise.  The routine you pick is somewhat immaterial as long as you workout hard and put in maximal effort. If you don’t have an idea how to best workout you should look at one of our training programs and also start with this article to help you choose a workout that’s right for you!

Workout By Body Type

Once you get an idea of how to workout, it’s important to eat right.


Protein is very important on a prohormone cycle.  No matter if you use natural andro or even the harsh chemically altered prohormones, it is important that you take a large amount of protein.  The minimum we suggest with any cycle is 100g per day.  This is a good amount to help you grow yet still manageable on the eating spectrum.  To give you an idea though, protein is hard to come by unless you drink shakes.  An egg has about 5-6g of protein, so to get 100g you would need to eat roughly 17-20 eggs per day.   Meat isn’t that much more dense.  Chicken, Steak and Pork have about 7-8g per ounce of lean cuts.  This means to get a full day, you would have to eat about 12.5 ounces of meat per day.  That’s not too bad, but can get pretty expensive and also inconvenient to eat throughout the day.  

Shakes can add in a good mix of protein and also give you another tasty source of protein to consume during the day.  While it’s not necessary to drink protein shakes, they do give you a high dose of L-Leucine which can improve your amino acid profile when working out.  

Shakes come in 20-30g scoops and can contain everything from zero carbs and fat (whey isolate) to night time protein for slow digestion (micellar casein) to high carb weight gainers. Depending on your goals and body type it is important to pick the right kind of shake and drink it during the day to help increase the amino acid profile. 


Amino acids can also help you increase your mass gains when you want to get an extra edge.  The best form of amino acids to combine with an andro cycle is BCAA or branched chain amino acids.  These are the primary amino acids used for building muscle and L-Leucine is king of the mass builders.  Also important are Arginine and Beta Alananine, but the big ones to take are BCAA’s.  These give you the most intense recovery while making a very anabolic environment. 


If you want to make sure you get the best gains in the gym with your prohormone cycle, its best to make sure to get the proper nutrients in the right amounts.  Water and protein are key to mass growth, so consume each one of them liberally!  Andro Prohormones and Protein 


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