Andro Prohormones as an Alternative to Anabolic Steroids

guy eating out of a bowlAnabolic steroids are closely related to the hormone testosterone and they can bring about profound changes in physique and athletic performance. Many people looking to build muscle or improve for a sport find themselves unhappy with the results obtained from diet, exercise, and basic supplements like creatine so they turn to anabolic steroid use to get the results they crave. Many competitive athletes in particular turn to steroids to give them an edge in competition.

Anabolic steroids certainly deliver results; there’s no question about that. Considering just how effective steroids are for building muscle and strength it’s no surprise that many people abuse them using very high doses and as a result encounter side effects. For this reason anabolic steroids have gotten a bad reputation and are tested for at many athletic events to ensure that the playing field is level. It is a shame that steroids have such a bad reputation because when used properly they can certainly be good and useful and are even prescribed by medical doctors in some situations.

Now with steroid use not supervised by a doctor being illegal and perceived as dangerous many athletes and gym goers are seeking something that can give them similar results. This is where prohormones come in. Prohormones are not highly active themselves but once ingested they convert to some degree to an active steroid such as testosterone. Some prohormones are completely legal and can deliver results much superior to other supplements.

So what makes prohormones different from steroids? Because prohormones must convert to the target hormone to become fully active they have a much lower potential for abuse. Past a certain dose a lower and lower percentage of the prohormone will be converted to the active steroid hormone because the activity of the enzymes needed for conversion are limited. This is a good thing because it makes prohormones a safer alternative to illegal steroids. In addition most true prohormones are not liver toxic like most oral steroids are which is another plus in terms of safety.

Some products marketed as “prohormones” are not prohormones but are instead active steroids. As mentioned these are usually liver toxic and not nearly as safe as a true andro type of prohormone. These products also have questionable legality but appear on the supplement market through some temporary legal loophole.

Steer clear of steroids such as these and go with a true prohormone which converts to testosterone. These will not provide gains that measure up to a heavy steroid cycle but they should be comparable to a very low dose steroid cycle. You should get steady and relatively safe gains which you won’t lose right after discontinuing the product as seen with many oral steroids, and best of all you won’t have to break the law to get it!


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