Andro and Bodybuilding - Mind And Muscle

guy mixing supplements in shakerToday bodybuilders are searching high and low for the best product around. Only one has stood the test of time. That product is Androstenedione, A.K.A. Andro, the strongest legal muscle builder on the market. A power statement that is easily backed up by countless testimonials, research and Andro logs that fill the internet forums.

Pro Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, and fitness names have used some form of hormone supplementation to reach their goals. The only legal method of increasing vital muscle building hormones without a prescription is with the use of prohormones. Andro is a top choice for many in bodybuilding because it converts into testosterone. This is the master hormone in the body, responsible for a high sex drive, aggression and best of all muscle growth!

If you’re a bodybuilder or just looking to turn heads in the gym, Andro is going to enable you to optimize your genetics and go beyond what you could do alone.

Are you into bodybuilding? You’re in a fight you may not even know. Can Andro help?

As a bodybuilder you want to take every sensible advantage to look you peak shape. If you haven’t heard of exogenous estrogens, you may want to tune in. Men are constantly being invaded by these exeno-estrogens. For anyone looking to build a hard, massive physique, will avoid high estrogen levels at all costs. Common items we use from BPA in our sodas, plastics bottles, and other chemicals in our food are producing environmental estrogens in our body. Having a high ratio of estrogen to testosterone can lead to detrimental healthy issues, obesity, and sexual dysfunction.

So what’s the wrap on increased testosterone with Andro and Bodybuilding?

Andro will conquer these hormonal imbalances by raising your testosterone levels far higher than normal. This powerful anabolic agent will produce immediate increases in muscle mass, with heightened strength gains. Elevated testosterone increases nitrogen retained inside the muscle; this forces protein to be synthesized faster than normally. Enhanced protein synthesis will create a high demand for protein consummation and quicken recovery time. Andro lacks high thermogenic abilities; therefore, it gives exceptional calorie retention for adding bulk muscle. Athletes find themselves able to work a muscle 2-3times a weak when taking andro to produce the gains they want. This anabolic property creates the perfect environment for bodybuilding. If you want to be all you can be on stage, Andro will take you there!

Other competitors are using Anabolic steroids, how’s this different than Andro and Bodybuilding?

Andro is very different from anabolic steroids or AA’s. Anabolic steroids (AA’s) are synthetic analogs of testosterone that require a deal of chemistry to create. These synthetic versions of naturally produced hormones, when supplemented, bring a number of unwanted side effects. One particular side effect is the “shut down” of one’s natural production of hormones, which can result in loss of hard earned gains. DSHEA legal Andro when used correctly, following the given instructions of the manufacture, are both safe and natural for bodybuilding.

testimony about andro and bodybuilding

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