Andro and Androstenedione Update 2012

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Androstenedione is a natural steroid banned by the FDA. Before March of 2004, Androstenedione was available over the counter. Very similar natural hormones, DHEA and pregnenolone are still available. The compounds listed below are various forms of Androstenedione:

1, (5 alpha) Androstene -3,17 diol
1,(5 alpha)- Androstenedione
1,4- Androstadiene 3B, 17B dione
1,4-Androstadiene-3,17, diol
19 Nor Androstenediol
3,6 17 Androstenedione

Pregnenolone, converts into DHEA, which then also turns into androstenedione. Lastly, andro converts to the needed testosterone. To avoid legal issues with buying androstenedione directly since the laws changed, the supplements industry has developed a variety of two step removed Prohormones (requiring two steps to convert into the target hormone) with complex delivery systems that are still very effective. Andro’s compound is structurally similar to DHEA that has many androgenic characteristics. Andro is one conversion away from testosterone. There are many two-step andro’s that are DSHEA legal that can metabolize into testosterone, 1-testosterone, and nandrolone.

How and why to use Andro

Andro opens the door to a greatly increased anabolic and androgenic state for dry muscle mass and heroic strength. A common prohormone stack would consist of 1-ad, 4-ad and 19-nor. Testosterone is converted from 4-Andro. Testosterone being to master hormone is the most important for serious muscle creation and strength gains. 1- Andro will convert into 1-testosterone and 19nor Andro will convert nandrolone. A well rounded Andro cycle can transform your body into your ideal physique.

Is cycling Andro necessary?

Yes, similar to exogenous hormones, Andro may lead the body to slow down its own production of hormones over time. It’s most wise and to your best advantage to cycle it properly. The maximum use is 12 weeks on and 12 off. Best results are seen after 6-8 weeks into the cycle and then cycling off the same amount of time on the supplement. Remember, although the risks of Andro are small, all supplements must be used with knowledge and taken correctly. Start slow and listen the your body to see how it responds as you make your way into supplementing hormones.

Andro is NOT recommended for use by women, by any male under the age of 18 or by any person suffering from any medical condition without first consulting a physician.

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